Why choose Faith Trembesi / Monday, 27 July 2015

Written by  Alex Mew
Why choose Faith Trembesi

Indigenous to Indonesia – where our Faith workshops are based – this beautifully grained, exotic Trembesi timber sits comfortably between the tonal offerings of Mahogany and Rosewood.

Using Engelmann Spruce for the top and Solid Indonesian Trembesi for the back and sides, each guitar looks quite traditional until the exotic timber is revealed upon closer inspection.

Trembesi series guitars will respond well to strumming and finger-style techniques alike, with the frequency curve starting high, dipping a little and rising once more toward the top. The resulting sound is remarkably loud and responsive with evenly balanced harmonics.

Much like the Natural series, the solid Engelmann Spruce top is coated with a thin, protective lacquer whereas the back and sides are satin finished. This contrast ensures a good balance between both control and natural resonance. The binding is solid Rosewood, and the fingerboard, bridge, headplate and heelcap are Macassan Ebony.

The electro-acoustic models within the range are fitted with Shadow Electronics' 'Performer Tuner' preamp and a Shadow Nanoflex undersaddle pickup.

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