6 Signs that your Guitar is too dry / Thursday, 25 June 2015

Written by  Alex Mew
6 Signs that your Guitar is too dry

If your guitar loses too much moisture - that's if the relative humidity of your instrument's environment is too low - you may find yourself with a few problems.

Below you can find some tell-tale signs that your guitar is too dry:

All information published has been approved and recommended by Faith Guitars' Technical Director, Patrick James Eggle.

  1. The action has become extremely low and is now probably very hard to play cleanly.
    As the slight arch in the top sinks, it takes the bridge with it and pulls the strings closer to the fingerboard

  2. The texture/grain of the wood becoming very pronounced with the lacquer noticeably ‘sinking’.
    The lacquer is being drawn into the wood to replace the water that has been lost. Some texture may always be evident however depending on the thickness of your guitar’s lacquer.

  3. The fret ends becoming ‘proud’ of the edge of the fingerboard.
    The fingerboard wood is shrinking and the frets are not.

  4. The top or back of the guitar arching inwards, or sinking.
    As the moisture leaves the wood, it wants to shrink, but the bracing stops it shrinking uniformly.

  5. Small cracks appear in the lacquer of the instrument.
    This shows that the wood is contracting faster than the lacquer can cope with. These cracks are not structurally damaging, but serve as a sharp reminder.

  6. Cracks appear in the wood of the instrument.
    This is a bad thing! The wood has dried so much that it is losing its structural integrity. That said, it can usually be improved if re-humidified soon after noticing. Also a guitar luthier should be able to stop the crack spreading, essentially saving the guitar’s life.

The good news is that you can do something about it before it happens.

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