Changing the Battery

Naked Nexus Battery Compartment WEB.jpgThis is relevant to Faith Guitars fitted with the Fishman ISYS or PRESYS preamp systems: Naked and Nexus models. 

The battery compartment should be easy to find on these systems, with the box mounted into the side of the body, a little way from the base of the guitar. 

The jack socket and strap button is separately located at the base of the guitar. 

Just flip the catch on the battery compartment and the PP3 / 9v battery will come right out. Replace, and get right back to playing. 



Legacy Battery Compartment webThis is relevant to Faith Guitars fitted with the Fishman Flex-T-Blend system: Legacy FG1, FG2 or FG5. - and also the Fishman Sonicore discreet system fitted to Classic Burst Mars models. 

The battery compartment on discreetly fitted preamp systems is located in a velcro-fixed pouch just under the base of the neck, inside the body. 

Sometimes this battery bag will be fixed to the base of the neck, or sometimes by the brace by the end of the fingerboard. 

Either way, to access the battery bag, loosen the strings, put your hand inside and carefully pull away from the velcro fixing. 

Open the bag, replace the battery, re-velcro the bag and away you go. 


TFishman INK Battery Compartment webhis is relevant to Faith Guitars fitted with the Fishman INK system: 
HiGloss, Natural, Bloodmoon, Bluemoon, Classic Burst Venus or Neptune, Eclipse. 

To replace the battery in your Faith Guitar's Fishman INK preamp system, take a look at the 'Fishman' labelled panel on the base of your guitar. 
It's by the strap button and jack socket. 

You'll find that if you carefully lift the end of the black plastic cover a little, then carefully slide to the side, the PP3 9v battery is located within.
Unseat the battery from its securing clip, and pop a new one inside, and you're good to go.