Fitting a Guitar Strap

Some Electro-Acoustic Faith Guitars use a combined jack socket/strap button arrangement. Numerous pickup manufacturers use this system - such as Fishman, Shadow, LR Baggs, AER and others - so Faith are not alone in having to answer this question. 

As a result of the jack socket/strap button combo, the strap button size is a fair bit larger than a regular 'standalone' strap button, and so we are often asked about how to get the strap fitted onto this larger button. 

Thousands of people use straps on these larger buttons every day, but we do fully understand that it is often more difficult - and on occasion near impossible - to get some types of strap to fit over the jack socket /strap button. 

There is no particular brand of strap that fits more easily. However, those with softer ends are generally a little easier to fit. Perhaps take your guitar along to your local music store and try a selection until you find one you're happy with.

But really, it's just a case of solving the problem in a practical way.

Here are some ideas to try:

  1. Have a google for the Neotech Slim Strap with Acoustic End-pin connector (SKU #8201172)
    There are similar straps available from D'addario too. 

  2. Cut your strap's hole a little larger using a sharp blade such as a craft knife or scalpel. (But be careful... naturally!)

  3. Find a strap with softer leather or fabric ends. These can be manipulated and stretched much more easily than rigid or very thick leather ends.  

    Or you could... 
  4. Fit a separate strap button. 
    All you need do is visit your local music store to buy a standard strap button. They are very inexpensive - a few pounds (or dollars etc) - and fitting will take very little time.
    With the guitar laying on its back, the new button should be positioned above or below the existing jack socket, along the vertical line at the bottom of the guitar - where the two sides meet. If you are not confident in doing this, while you're in your local music store, just ask their guitar tech to fit it for you. It won't take more than a few minutes. 
    Once fitted, you will be able to use any strap you like!