Tuning your Guitar

How to use the Digital Tuner on a Faith Guitar preamp.

(This is specifically relevant to the Shadow Performer-Tuner preamp system, but translates to most other LED-based tuners)

The tuner function on the SH-Per-T is chromatic. Therefore, you have more tuning options than if it were just guitar notes, EADGBE…   This allows you to use it to tune any alternate tuning you choose.

So, how does it work?

  1. Press the tuner button. This turns the tuner function on, and cuts the output of the preamp if you are plugged into an amp.
    NB: If you do not turn off the tuner after use, the battery will drain.

  2. Pluck a single string.
    One of the LEDS will light up to show you to which note the string you plucked is currently tuned. (You do not need to tell the tuner which string you want to tune. It will ‘hear’ the note on its own).
    For example….
    If the LOW E is actually de-tuned a lot, the LED may display the note D or C. In this instance, you would know that the string needs to be tuned up quite a bit in order to get to the desired note, E.
    If the LOW E is actually tuned too high the LED may display an F or a G. In this instance you would know the string needs to be detuned to get to the desired note, E.

  3. When you adjust the machinehead on the guitar, the tuner LED will change to indicate the current note to which the plucked string is tuned. The LED lights will change as you turn the machinehead, gradually cycling through the notes as the pitch changes.

  4. When the string you are tuning reaches the note you want (the note you want is highlighted on the LEDs), the left-hand cluster of three LEDs come into play.
    These three LEDS say “HI / Tune / LO”. They indicate whether the string is sharp, flat or perfectly in tune.
    For example, if the Note LED says ‘E’ and the ‘HI’ LED is showing too, then the string is tuned to an ‘E’ but is a little sharp.
    Likewise, if the ‘LO’ LED is showing, then the ‘E’ is a little flat.
    The string will be tuned to a perfect 'E' when both the ‘E’ LED is showing – AND – the ‘Tune’ LED. Now the note is correct and it is neither too sharp nor too flat.

  5. Continue this process for the other 5 strings, and you will shortly have a perfectly tuned guitar.