Whether you're taking your Faith guitar on the school bus or the tour bus, don't forget that your instrument is more than just another piece of baggage.

Ideally, when travelling in a car, your guitar is best placed in its case on the backseat. The boot (trunk) of your car is susceptable to grater fluctuations in temperature and is rarely ventilated properly.

When travelling by aeroplane, we would advise the use of a specific flightcase for your guitar. These are often made of ABS plastic or aluminium, and offer the maximum level of protection for your instrument.

When possible, ask for your guitar to be hand-carried to the aircraft rather than via baggage conveyor, and then hand collected by you from the gate upon landing. Not all airlines offer this service however. When the instrument is travelling in the aircraft hold, it is advised to loosen the strings and keep the instrument as tight inside the case as possible.