Cleaning your Acoustic Guitar

Guitars with a light, satin finish - such as Faith Naked series - cannot be polished and due to the nature of the satin finish, will naturally mark and tarnish more quickly.

Once a Faith Naked guitar is marked or dirty, it is not possible to polish out or remove the mark. This is the characteristic of the simple finish type... the plus side of which is the great tone.

Don't forget that your skin naturally secretes oils, acids and minerals in perspiration and so it is quite common for guitars of all types to mark and stain in areas that are most often in contact with skin. The effects of skin-contact will be more evident on satin-finished guitars than gloss-finished.

The simplest way to keep your Faith Guitar clean is with a lint-free cloth. A regular wipe will keep dust and dirt at bay. Guitar polish should be applied to lacquered areas only with a microfibre cloth.

Do not apply polish to satin-finished or unlacquered areas - such as the back and sides of the Faith Natural or Trembesi series.

Make sure to test the polish on a small, inconspicuous area first to ceck for any unexecpted reaction between polish and lacquer. After every use we recommend wiping the body and strings with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Solvents sometimes found in plastic, leather or vinyl (use on accessories such as straps or stands) can also tarnish the lacquer over time, so keep a watch on any areas that start to discolour.

Perspiration can also tarnish the finish of your guitar as well as leave oily residue on the strings.

For advice on cleaning Faith Naked guitars, please see the relevant section.