Online Tutors. We Salute You!

Online Tutors. We Salute You!

We often hear that fewer young people are playing instruments. But maybe it's not a crisis. Maybe things are just a bit different.

The format of musical tuition and the process of learning is forever changing, and we would argue that can actually be a great benefit. Whilst a smaller number of young people may be having formal lessons in a traditional setting, it is undeniable that it has never been easier to access countless forms of musical tuition, and for free.

Youth Music, a young person’s musical charity commissioned a report in conjunction with leading market researchers, Ipsos Mori. This report, titled ‘The Sound of the Next Generation’ was designed as a ‘comprehensive review of children’s and young people’s relationship with music’.
The findings in this report were, wonderfully, anything but gloomy.

Within the age-range surveyed (7 – 25yrs old) a few fascinating facts emerged:

  • Music was voted as young people’s favourite pastime. Equal to gaming (!) and ahead of sport, drama, dancing and art.
  • 67% of those surveyed said that they ‘make music’ in one way or another. 
  • 30% of young people actively play a musical instrument.
  • Of those who did play an instrument, 44% played piano/keyboard, and 24% played acoustic guitar.

You can download the full report and dig into the fascinating detail on the Youth Music website.

These are some great statistics. Perhaps there is no crisis, and although it’s essential that we keep banging the drum for access to tuition for as many people as possible, people – and more importantly, the younger generation, still love music. It could also be argued that making music is more accessible, that there are now fewer barriers to entry than in the past.

It’s surely never been easier to get hold of a decent instrument at a reasonable price, and never easier to get free initial tuition too.

With this in mind, over the last few years Faith Guitars have had the pleasure of working with some of new-media’s leading lights in musical tuition.

Many of these tutors and players have become good friends over this period, and the process of watching them forge their careers through YouTube has been fascinating. The efforts of all types of teacher are not to be underestimated. The countless hours of preparation, practise and performance are a constant drain, but, when you add to that list filming, editing, and the addition of on-screen guitar tab or notation, what was initially a massive task becomes larger still.

So, we would like to recognise the efforts and contribution to the musical tuition landscape of some of YouTubes finest guitar tutors. People who help encourage countless millions of people to play guitar. Many who would otherwise not have music lessons. Those that live in countries or conditions that preclude them from music lessons. Those who never really thought they were any good any that sort of thing but have now had a chance to try at their own pace. Those who have learned that, now they’ve got those 4 chords and a few songs sorted, they would like to seek out a local teacher and learn one-to-one.

Learning a musical instrument can change lives, no matter how that tuition is delivered.

So here’s to the men and women of YouTube tuition. Thank you for helping further spread the musical virus around the world. We salute you.

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