JustOneTree - Update

JustOneTree - Update

We are pleased to offer an update on the progress of our JustOneTree program, using a portion of our profits to plant trees with our charitable partners. 

Every 3 months, we donate money to JustOneTree to aid with re-forestation in various parts of the world including Mozambique, Nepal, Haiti and Indonesia. 

Since January 2022, thanks to the donation of a proportion of guitar purchases, we have collectively helped plant trees which will remove over 500 tonnes of CO2 over the coming 25 years. This absorption of CO2 comes on top of the obvious benefits from Oxygen creation; ensuring new habitats for wildlife; and the creation of employment and ongoing forestry guardianship for local people too. 

We don't pretend to have saved the planet, or to be especially virtuous, but we are all dependant on the the natural world of course. Taking care of where we live is a sensible choice,and it means we can continue to make guitars..... and guitars are great for the soul, as we all know. 

You can find out more about our partners here: https://www.justonetree.life/



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