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Faith Nexus Venus Cognac - (FPVCG)

"A guitar that strikes the perfect balance between a workhorse and show pony."

The recently released Nexus series Venus Cognac has been in the hands of one of the UK’s most respected guitar reviewers, Alun Lower.

Writing for a collection of the UK’s finest guitar publications – Guitarist, Total Guitar, Guitar Techniques, MusicRadar – Alun liked what he found:

Read the full review here on the MusicRadar website.

Excerpts below:

“This is a guitar that will suit any playing style and feel easy to play for all kinds of guitarists, but at the same time never feels generic in the way that so many similarly-proportioned guitars can, thanks to the striking and accomplished design. It’s familiar, accessible and inviting - just what you want when you pick up a guitar the first time. “

“The mid-push is there of course, creating a wonderful punchy presence that loves being played hard, whether that’s with a plectrum or fingerstyle. There’s plenty of snap and depth to chords and single-note runs alike, with most of the tonal focus on the mid and trebles. 

“The low end is plummy and satisfying, but obviously doesn’t have quite the thundering presence that a larger body with different tonewoods would provide. Pleasingly, the Nexus is equally happy with a softer approach, revealing a depth of tone that belies its modest price tag and works for just about any genre you could care to play.”

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