Faith Monarch - Super-Limited Edition Guitars

Faith Monarch - Super-Limited Edition Guitars

Faith Guitars and Patrick James Eggle are delighted to present Faith Monarch. 

Created using Patrick’s own shapes in Patrick’s UK workshops, there are two distinct Faith Monarch models to choose from: the Earth OMC (Patrick’s Linville shape) and the Mars Drop Dreadnought (Patrick’s Kanuga shape).
One of each of these guitars has been released for June 2020. With one more of each scheduled for a little later this summer.

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Using Torrefied (Roasted) Sitka Spruce for the soundtable and top-grade Khaya Mahogany on the back and sides, you know that these guitars are going to sound mature and full boded. But what makes these Faith Monarch models truly special is the fact that they were brought to life in Patrick’s own workshops here in England. Working with our Indonesian workshops, Patrick commissioned 2 Earth and 2 Mars body shells. These body shells were the embryo from which the Monarch guitars grew. Then in Patrick's Shropshire workshop, the real magic began to happen.


One of the most important difference between the Monarch instruments and regular Faith guitars is in the finish and the lacquer.


Once the base coating process was finished, Patrick started to apply the colour finish. The subtle burst finish was achieved solely by hand and by Patrick’s trained eye. You can watch Patrick in action in this video of the process.

After several coats of carefully sprayed burst finish, each Faith Monarch instrument was finished in multiple coats of Nitro-Cellulose lacquer. Nitro-Cellulose has long been the lacquer of choice for all top-end guitar luthiers. This is because ‘nitro’ is less hard and constrictive than polyurethane. This means that the tonewood can move more freely ensuring greater resonance and a more open sound. Plus – and this is one of Patrick’s favourite features of ‘nitro’ – as it ages it gradually it creates a unique and very attractive vintage-style patina. So these are guitars you’ll be wanting to keep long into the future.

As a final touch, Patrick rubbed back the nitro finish one last time to create a hand-burnished semi-satin finish. Glossier than a satin, but less so that a fully polished finish, hand-burnishing creates an extremely attractive yet understated appearance.

These finishing processes are arduous and take many hours of careful and patient work to get right. Luckily, we have the UK’s most-respected luthier on the case!

Along with the top-notch tonewoods and multi-layered nitro-cellulose burst finish you can enjoy the feel of the celluloid tortoiseshell pickguard and be confident of the most accurate tuning thanks to Patrick’s specially commissioned Gotoh 301, PJE-monogrammed machineheads. These super-smooth tuners are tipped with Faith’s much-loved solid ebony buttons. So you’ll be feeling the finest Macassan Ebony at every turn.

Each of the Faith Monarch guitars comes complete in a Faith hardcase.

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