Faith Guitars donate to Music Fusion Charity

Faith Guitars donate to Music Fusion Charity

Music Fusion, based in Havant, access and engage young people going through challenging life circumstances. These can range from depression, anxiety, neglect, drug abuse and criminal activity, amongst other issues.

In conjunction with the UK Music Industries Association (MIA) and Music For All, Faith Guitars were recently able to supply the project with a number of instruments.

For the young people engaged by the charity, being able to access instruments and equipment (that they would never normally be able to) is a fantastic opportunity. Music Fusion have recently refurbished the facility and have created a space that feels safe, but also credible and inspiring. It helps them to grow in confidence and strive to create great music!

One of the projects run by Music Fusion is ‘Mavericks - Words not Weapons’.

Across the local areas there have been escalating tensions over territory and rivalry between different groups. Mavericks shows the path to a bigger picture, a better perspective.

Going to prison for a postcode or a rift on social media is the biggest waste of a life. This project aims to bring everyone together to celebrate their individual talents and show how people from different areas can put aside their differences, make peace and collaborate to make great things happen.

Faith Guitars are proud to have helped a worthwhile cause, even if in only a small way.

In their words “ Thanks so much Music for All, this equipment will help inspire hundreds of young people going through very tough times ”.

Here’s a video that shows a bit more about the Music Fusion charity project:

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