FVHG - HiGloss Venus Cut/Electro SRP: £959.00

FVHG - HiGloss Venus Cut/Electro
FVHG - HiGloss Venus Cut/Electro FVHG - HiGloss Venus Cut/Electro

Model Overview


The Venus is the now iconic shape that brought Faith Guitars to the consciousness of so many players over the years. The combination of a 15" lower bout and a slimmer depth of body looks to classic OM or Auditorium body-shapes for inspiration, and makes the Venus the perfect compromise.

It is still big enough to deliver a big acoustic performance, yet remains small enough for the player to jump around on stage with no problem

Faith HiGloss series are designed to offer both visual and aural beauty. Using high grade Englemann Spruce for the top and highly-figured Rosewood for the back and sides, HiGloss models feature solid Flamed Maple binding and Macassan Ebony for the fingerboard, bridge, headplate and heelcap.

Tonally, this combination of wood is generally bright and 'zingy', delivering great clarity. Visualising this as a frequency curve, it would be shaped like a smile: high on the bass, dipping down through the middle and rising once again at the top end, lending itself to fingerstyle and solo pieces in particular.

This model is fitted with Shadow Performer Tuner Preamp / Shadow Nanoflex Pickup electronics.


Top Wood Solid Engelmann Spruce
Back Wood Solid Rosewood
Side Wood Solid Rosewood
Binding Solid Flamed Maple
Bracing Material Quarter-Sawn Spruce
Bracing Pattern Patrick James Eggle X-Brace Design
Rosette 5mm Abalone with Fibre Border
Neck Mahogany
Neck Finish Satin
Neck Joint Patrick James Eggle Bolt-On Design
Fingerboard Macassan Figured Ebony
Fingerboard Radius 16"
Fingerboard Inlays Mother of Pearl 'F' at 12th Fret
Machine Head Grover Rotomatic Gold
Trussrod 2 Way
Nut / Saddle TUSQ (PQ-6116)/(PQ-9110)
Nut Width 43mm / String Spacing 55mm
Bridge Macassan Figured Ebony
Bridge Pins Macassan Figured Ebony with Abalone Dots
Finish Type High Gloss Top, Back and Sides
Preamp / Pickup Shadow Performer Tuner Preamp / Shadow Nanoflex Pickup
Hardcase Included


Upper bout290mm
Lower bout385mm
Depth at neck100mm
Depth at base115mm
Body Length490mm
Soundhole Diameter100mm
Scale Length645mm
Fingerboard Radius16 inch


"Awesome Guitar has been using this for more than one and half years and has only had a small problem with the pickup and otherthan that it's an instrument well worth the money. "
Bashana Wijekoon
Sri Lanka
on 28/09/2015
"Well made, using high quality materials. Good value for money."
Michael Kierman
United Kingdom
on 22/09/2017
"Awesome! Simple as that"
Dave Greensmith
United Kingdom
on 06/09/2017
"Well built, sounds great and excellent value for money."
Dave Buckley
United Kingdom
on 12/07/2017
"First impressions, as guitar has only just recently arrived. It looks & sounds amazing. Very impressed of the prompt delivery also.
It is immaculate."
David Sargeant
United Kingdom
on 18/07/2017
"Very good guitar for it's price!!!"
Rene Bosshard
on 06/07/2017
"Fantastic instrument. Excellent build quality and beautiful sound."
Robert Craven
United Kingdom
on 01/07/2017
"The guitar is beautifully made and is even more impressive than expected. The materials and finish are flawless. The setup is excellent straight out of the case. I'm encouraged to practice even more to warrant owning such a stunning guitar."
Phil Wells
United Kingdom
on 15/06/2017
"It really is a beautiful guitar Wonderful to play and sounds great after just a few days. I really couldn't be happier."
Les Stoddart
United Kingdom
on 05/06/2017
"This is easily the best guitar I have owned or played. It has truly transported me into the realms of High-End guitars without the High-End price. Its playability and sound are wonderful and I will say that I am in love with my FVHG. Nice job guys!"
Les Stoddart
United Kingdom
on 27/05/2017
"Great sounding and fantastic pickup system."
Beng Huat Chew
on 12/05/2017
"Absolutely gorgeous, so much value for an all solid guitar. I really cant find many flaws on it except that the neck finish wasn't perfect."
Jason Guo
on 15/04/2017
"Stunning looks, I really wanted the Venus blood moon but this does not come in LH, but I could not be happier with the looks of the HGL, really looking forward to getting to play this beautiful instrument"
Barry McKenna
United Kingdom
on 02/05/2017
"The guitar is beautifully made and in perfect condition upon delivery. The tone and sustain are excellent and extremely pleasing."
Christopher Bailey
United Kingdom
on 24/04/2017
"The High Gloss Venus was beyond my expectations. The attention to detail, the finish and then when you play it! The sound quality, the action, the sustain - fantastic. Totally delighted."
John Bayley
United Kingdom
on 10/04/2017
"Love it too much"
Genevieve Jansen van Vuuren
South Africa
on 25/03/2017
"It's Amazing!!!"
Ian Dockray
United Kingdom
on 11/03/2017
Masaya Onish
on 24/03/2017
"Great sounding and looking guitar, immediately simple to play.
Unbeatable quality and value for this price."
Federico Anesi
on 12/03/2017
"Very good. Sounds amazing. My only comment would be that there is a lot of excess glue visible on the inside of the guitar. This isn't the case with Taylor's and Martins"
James Crowe
United Kingdom
on 22/03/2017
"Superb quality at an incredible price. You'd think it would cost double the price judging by the quality of the tone, finish & excellent woods that have gone into building this guitar. It's right up there with my 2 USA Taylors. I couldn't be happier!"
Kristina Elias
United Kingdom
on 20th March 2017
"Well straight from the offset, I was hooked, the FVHG_HEX- Hi-gloss Venus Cut/Electro is a thing of beauty in every way. The build quality is of a very high standard and it sounds totally amazing. I have owned and played many acoustic guitars in my time, but this has got to be the best you can buy for the money, if not the best you can buy. I always wanted a Martin guitar for as long as I can remember, now all I want is another Faith. In one word "Incredible" "
Alan Baird
United Kingdom
on 18/03/2017
"First very nice feeling, a very clear sound and a nice finish"
ganaye vincent
on 02/03/2017
"Absolutely fantastic, I like it that much I've just bought th moonblood edition also"
FS3/160526702 Mizen
United Kingdom
on 21/01/2017
"I Think Its a beautiful Guitar its my first steel stringed Guitar as i am only a beginner in my early 60s. My Teacher loves it. The sound and tone is beautiful and gets better with age. The contrasting wood spruce and Rosewood is just beautiful and a joy to look at. Well done on a lovely creation."
on Not sure maybe Sept 2015
"Please let me know the age and date for making my guitar.
Thanks a lot."
Dag Arne Saltnes
on 2010
"Wonderful. My first acoustic in 40 years. I did a course in Oswestry with Patrick a few years ago and decided that one day I'd have one of his acoustics. This will have to do for now, but that day will come.
My wife commented on the beautiful tone the first time I played it."
Mick Wright
United Kingdom
on 24/01/2017
"great guitar"
danilo pignone
on 20/07/2016
"sight and sound and feels great"
United States of America
on 02/01/2017
"I love it because the neck is slimmer than my last guitar, so for my smaller hands it's much easier to play! Love the way it looks, simple and classy, with the lovely abalone around the sound hole. It feels and sounds like a top quality instrument. I'm really happy with it!"
Carol Sampson
United Kingdom
on 23/11/2016
"Super all round guitar. Impressive look, sound and playability for seeming value for money compared to Taylor and Takamini. Perspective looks great and Only time will tell. "
Bahram Mokhtare
United Kingdom
on 12 Nov 2016
"Just fab set up superb, plays like a dream can't put t down and it looks beautiful"
Peter Upham
United Kingdom
on 08/11/2016
"It has a bright high and chimey high end with a beautiful resonance, which i like very much. I am quite new to acoustics (have played mostly electrics so far), but just very pleased with the sounds of this guitar. I tried much more expensive guitars in my local store and this guitars would really stand out againts these. The pickup"
Jaak  Jurtom
on 14/10/2016
"Wonderful sound across the range. Rich full bass tones, crystal clear at the top. Beautifully made."
Tony Johnston
United Kingdom
on 16/10/2016
"A versatile guitar with a warm tone and great seperation. "
Ben Selbey
United Kingdom
on 01/10/2016
"It's a beautiful looking instrument with a quality finish and a wonderful sound. The built in tuner is also a brilliant addition."
Dean Richardson
United Kingdom
on 05/09/2016
"Honestly the nicest acoustic guitar I've ever seen or heard, perfect craftsmanship with a heart and lungs to match. Never bothering with a Taylor or Martin again!"
Chris Mitchell
United Kingdom
on 11/06/2016
"Great action and sound, looks lovely, good finish and great value for money compared to other named brands"
Keith Morgan
United Kingdom
on 22/08/2016
"So far it is brilliant"
Ken Allen
United Kingdom
on 17/08/2016
"Purchased my Faith guitar today and ,over it already! Beautiful craftmanship and tone, can't wait to play it and try out the electronics too. Thank you Faith."
Amy Tooley
United Kingdom
on 27/08/2016
"Sounds great, looks great."
Rio Liu
on 23/08/2016
"It's beautiful, very playable and sounds lovely."
Robert Wolf
United Kingdom
on 15/08/2016
"Purchased as new, second never played. I am a beginner and selected guitar from on line reviews.
Delighted with purchase sounds great and body size suites me perfectly.
The sound, ease of body and neck shape for me 10/10. Appearance, gloss finish and quality of guitar and case best that I had seen locally."
Jeffrey Class
United Kingdom
on 31/07/2016
"It sounds absolutely amazing. I can't wait to use it in my gigs. I haven't plugged it in yet but I hope the pickup is as outstanding as the guitar.
A beautiful piece of instrument. I've been dreaming of owning an all solid wood guitar without shelling out an insane amount of money. And Faith has got me that guitar!
The tone of the wood is fantastic and sounds so melodic.
I'm in love with it!"
Jonathan Brainard
on 11/07/2016
"Played through a few guitars and the Faith guitars stood out - playability, sound and looks. Loved the Venus Hi Gloss and was amazed by the price - all solid wood! Attention to detail is fantastic. Oh, and a snazzy hard case. Love it!"
Ian Rees
United Kingdom
on 23/07/2016
"So far so good, responsive, full rich tone."
Lyndon Brookes
United Kingdom
on 23/07/2016
"Well made, well set up, great tone, great guitar all round!"
Stephen Wilkinson
United Kingdom
on 15/07/2016
John Pearson
United Kingdom
"I think it is great value for the money. Great aesthetics. Very even sound,bright but balanced .
Easy to play."
Karl Tomlin
United Kingdom
on 05/06/2016
"Top quality materials and construction lovely crisp notes and lovely tones , a good price a beautiful guitar.."
Kevan Baskeyfield
United Kingdom
on 11/06/2016
"Even if you do not play a guitar, you would appreciate this guitar as an exquisite work of art. The workmanship and finish is a joy to behold, and then I played a couple of chords, wow! Would have to pay 4 times as much for a Taylor that sounded like that and it still would not have the design and build quality.

Thanks Guys, very happy today!"
Andy Evans
United Kingdom
on 30/05/2016
"For the purchase price I paid new, this is probably the best value, quality acoustic I've ever encountered."
Richard Southgate
United Kingdom
on 06/05/2016
"Fantastic build quality, fantastic sound. Can't get this much guitar for the money with anything else. Would have happily paid more for it."
Nick Moxey
United Kingdom
on 12/05/2016
"Love it"
John Earnshaw
United Kingdom
on 1st Feb 2015
"Wonderful guitar with a brilliant sound - exactly what i was looking for. We'll have lots of good moments together at home and on stage!"
Stutz Reinhard
on 30/04/2016
"Very please with build and finish. I realise that maturity of tone will improve over time"
Geoffrey Pyne
United Kingdom
on 22/01/2016
"This is the best guitar I've ever had!!"
Mirek Buczek
on 30/03/2016
"I had purchased a TAYLOR 214 ce DLX, with the expression 2 system, the tone was very good, but when I played in the house the finger noise ,when plugged in ,was too much. I took it back and tried ,for the first time ,your faith guitar, I was blown away ,first by the incredibly spec. the build quality ,play-ability , tone, and the price. I own some 35 stringed instruments,some more expensive than your Faith guitar, but I am now ,in a very short time a CONFIRMED MAN OF FAITH. It was my good fortune that lead me to your instruments,I can not imagine me buying anything other brand from now on. THANK YOU FAITH"
Emrys Lawrence
United Kingdom
on 26th MARCH 2016
"What a fantastic sounding and looking instrument. All I have to do now is to make the most if it! "
Ian Blanks-Walden
United Kingdom
on 12/03/2016
"A beautiful looking instrument and inspirational clear tones. I feel very lucky to own such an instrument. "
Mark Geddis
on 06/02/2016
"Build quality and choice of woods excellent. Credit to Faith for offering a good choice of left handed instruments across the range, something that other manufacturers could learn from . Only thing I would change is to have a wider neck. ."
Tim Wilson
United Kingdom
on Jan. 2016
"As I called at the music store with the idea of purchasing a master-built guitar, I was shown Venus model of Faith Guitar. When I play, I fell in love with Faith Guitars. Chose to purchase Faith Venus High Gloss - Hex model. This is an awesome beautiful guitar delivering nice sound. Very easy to play. A real Professional guitar. We can NEVER expect such a QUALITY guitar for this price in any other brand. Thanks to Faith and the sales personnel at Musee Musical, Chennai and also to Mr. Vignesh, Furtados, Mumbai. "
S. Natarajan Natarajan
on 22/02/2016
"Fantastic guitar. Passed my Faith Venus Natural on to my daughter and bought this for myself, I was so impressed with the first one. This is just as good.I also have a Saturn Natural."
Richard Naylor
United Kingdom
on 02/11/2015
"Top notch. love it. Can't imagine what it will be like as it grows. older. It sounds wonderful already."
United Kingdom
on 26/01/2016
"Only just bought it, but looks good."
Thomas Lorn
United Kingdom
on 29 January 2016
"Great instrument. Nice materials and quality all around. Love the balanced sound, feel and soul of this guitar."
Stefan Turcovski
Czech Republic
on 27/01/2016
"Fantastic instrument!"
Victor Solberg
United Kingdom
on 25/12/2015
"I have read many reviews and watched many YouTube videos about this guitar and it lives up to all expectations"
Bernard Oram
United Kingdom
on 07/01/2016
"Not only a great looking guitar but also great sounding one; both unplugged and amped up. Just needed a set of 10's and a bit of a set up to bring the action down to my preference and I've been playing for hours! Cheers guys."
Gareth Cave
United Kingdom
on 22/12/2015
"Absolute beauty. beauty to look at, beauty to play and beauty to hear. Nuf said."
Andy Nichols
United Kingdom
on 12/12/2015
Will Udall
United Kingdom
on 12/12/2015
Sebastian Stasiuk
United Kingdom
on 06/12/2015
"It both looks and sounds absolutely beautiful. "
Liam Scullion
United Kingdom
on 06/12/2015
"Looks Good, Plays Well and has Good Sound."
David Chalk
United Kingdom
on 05/12/2015
"The guitar sounds really good, compared few of the more expensive guitars I have played. Though the action was a bit high when it arrived, about 3mm at the 12th fret"
Raghunath .
on 01/11/2015
"I am so happy that the staff at Berlin guitars has shown this great guitar . It is like it was made for me . the best of all i tried. I just wantet to have a look, but then i couldnt leeve her there, i had to take her Home.My guitar teacher is amazed. I love my venus"
Susanna Berack
on 06.11.2015
Scott Heng
United Kingdom
on 12/11/2015
"First new guitar since I was 18 (I'm now 30). Worth the wait"
Sam Williams
United Kingdom
on 19/09/2015
Rhys Lynch
United Kingdom
on 14/10/2015
"Nice sound and look!"
Gunho Ko
Korea, Republic of
on 10/10/2015
"I have had the same 3 guitars for the last 20 years.I purchased this guitar with a view to pushing my playing to a higher standard.The feel and sound of this beautiful electro- acoustic will spur me on to further learning.I am sure I will be enjoying it for years to come..."
Gerard Turner
United Kingdom
on 11/09/2015
"Bel instrument. Assez bien fini. Je n'ai pas encore vraiment joue. J'en espere beaucoup de satisfaction"
on 09/09/2015
"Beautiful tone, easy playing, excellent craftsmanship."
Tony Gilmore
United Kingdom
on 29/08/2015
"Nice tone woods and good feel"
Chris Northwood
United Kingdom
on 28AUG2015
"Excellent value for money, this is the nicest acoustic I\'ve ever owned. Plays really well and also stays in tune."
Gary X
United Kingdom
on July 2015
"Everything I expected. very nice tone and playability"
Owen Gygax
United Kingdom
on 26/07/2015
"A beautiful high quality instrument, great tone, action very good and a comfortable size.<br /> And as a bonus a very nice quality hard case.<br /> Just perfect for me."
Phillip Wiles
on 06/08/2015
"I'm impressed. Excellent build quality, good rounded sound, nice playable neck and pretty too."
Simon Pease
United Kingdom
on 04/08/2015
"this instrument is absolutely brilliant"
Ulrich x
on 23/07/2015
"I like the overall feel of the guitar. its easy to play and makes me want to pick it up ... unlike the old guitar it replaced!"
Len Parker
United Kingdom
on 03/07/2015
"Early days but it really is a solid, beautiful looking and sounding guitar, can't wait to put it through it's paces.."
Lee Mountney
United Kingdom
on 18/07/2015
"Beautiful sounding, really stood out. Went home to think about it and did the research and everything I found just gave more reasons to get it. Ethical great company and Patrick James Eggle makes lovely guitars, hope to have a signature edition when I'm famous ha."
James Dylan Thomson
United Kingdom
on 04/07/2015
"Really nice perhaps best guitar i have owned and i have had Martin's , Takamine and Breedlove over years still got some of them but might sell them and just keep the Faith i am that impressed with it ."
Jack Schofield
United Kingdom
on 26/06/2015
"Great, it's a bastion of my musical endeavors and a joy to play. "
Sean McHale
United Kingdom
on 25/12/2014
"Stunning, amazing sound, great lively tone, gorgeous woods, fabulous attention to detail."
Mark Berry
United Kingdom
on 19/06/2015
"Fantastic design ,<br /> Fantastic quality<br /> Famtasic sound & tome"
John Potter
United Kingdom
on May 2015
"Very well made guitar, beautiful you look at, sounds s bit 'tinny' though, but I'm hoping this will fade with age.<br /> "
United Kingdom
on 27/05/2015
"Superb well made guitar"
Rob Woodward
United Kingdom
on 21st May 2015
"Haven't had enough time to properly play it yet, but love it so far."
Jed Tipping
United Kingdom
on 22/04/2015
"The Guitar sounds great unplugged and playability is very good! However, it arrived with a broken undersaddle pickup, there's a cable fracture just under the bridge, so plugged in it doens't work. Still need to get this fixed. "
Robert van Duijn
on 08/08/2014
"Stunning design, build quality and tone!"
Chris X
United Kingdom
on 11/05/2015
"im an intermediate player ,my guitar tutor helped me pick this, its fantastic,when im not playing it im looking at it.<br /> what a great guitar"
paul honour
United Kingdom
on shop
"Well made and finished, great acoustic sound, clarity and sustain excellent. Comfortable to play. (Not tried via the pre-amp yet)."
Ian Wilson
United Kingdom
on 5/5/2015
"I adore this guitar! I sold a Variax and a Taylor to get it and boy, am I pleased I did! My bandmate was so jealous of it that he immediately went and ordered a Faith too! Fantastic build quality and a stunningly beautiful instrument both to play and to look at. It shouldn't be possible to get such a high quality instrument for this price, but somehow they've pulled it off. I test-played Martins and Taylors but until I hit a price bracket three times the cost of this guitar, nothing came close."
Iain MacKinnon
United Kingdom
on 08/04/2015
"great guitar with a great sound"
alan moore
United Kingdom
on 11/04/2015
"It's a great quality instrument . Great value for money and very pleased with it.. beautiful tone and finish . I will lower the action slightly but that's to be expected on a new guitar . Better than the Taylor and Martin I tried in the same price bracket . Well done faith I will never part with this guitar ."
nigel bell
United Kingdom
on 02/05/2015
"A very beautiful guitar plays extremely well action was too high when I bought it, can not fault it and would recommend this guitar to anyone who wants a quality guitar"
Mal Hatcher
United Kingdom
on 12/11/2014
"Great guitar, plays great and has a good feel. No complaints as of yet"
Samuel Evans
United Kingdom
on 30/12/2014
United States of America
on 4/25/2015
"As a bass Player, I was attracted to what looked like a bass clef on the 12th fret, It Chose me!"
Paul Pink
United Kingdom
on 18/04/2015
Roger Buckingham
United Kingdom
on 01/06/2014
"Really happy with the way it plays and the feel of the guitar. An excellent finish and the guitar is exactly as described."
Stephen Knapton
United Kingdom
on 11/4/14
"Just started to learn to play, and I thought I should purchase a top model. Slow start but the guitar sounds and feels amazing."
United Kingdom
on 04/04/2015
"love the guitar...but cant find a serial number...just a round label below the sound hole...says faith venus....has classic parametric pro shadow eletrics...has the # 044030 sticker next to the quality conrol sticker at on the head...got diamond inlays on the neck unlike the guitars i see online"
david gollop
on april 2
"I absolutely love this guitar. It took me months of looking at guitars before i came across the faith range, and i was convinced from the first time i played one. Whenever i go to a guitar shop, i play guitars that are more expensive as a comparison and my faith comes out on top. It is just great value!!!"
Brendan Hammond
United Kingdom
on 02/09/2013
"Beautiful instrument with a lovely sound. It's so much fun to play!"
Kate Miller
United Kingdom
on 31/03/2015
"Great guitar, the best guitar I've had. "
Alan Moore
United Kingdom
on 26/03/2015
Jordan Brill
United Kingdom
"Was looking at Martin, Gibson etc., stumbled on Faith (thanks to my wife). The FVHG provided instant WOW. I ordered the HEX version straight away. Vibration issue (pickup cable) was resolved quickly by retailer FSV and I'm a proud Faith guitar owner."
Pete Spelman
on 10/03/2015
"Went for a taylor & tried the venus high gloss.did a direct comparison with every taylor cut away in the shop.The faith just fit me and my style. Sounds corny but this little baby chose me.The size just right,cool cutaway shape & rich sound. Superb "
Michael Massey
United Kingdom
on 10/03/2015
"Like it very much although the action on the bass side is a little high for me. "
John Scarratt
United Kingdom
on 06/03/2015
"Sounds wonderful, looks and feels beautiful,design and finish superb. A lifetime purchase."
Paul Gaska
United Kingdom
on 26/02/2015
"Good action, although the Bottom E String tends to buzz if played fairly loud. The tone is mellow and rounded with each string being distinct and clear. The guitar looks good cosmetically. I have not tried the electrics."
Trevor Jones
United Kingdom
on 07/02/2015
"It is a beautiful instrument, very well made of fine materials, sounds wonderful and is a joy to play. I love it."
United Kingdom
on 10/02/2015
"It's absolutely amazing! Such a rich tone and a beautiful guitar made with precision and high quality. Really happy with the purchase. "
Ravishan Welapala Gamage
United Kingdom
on 14/02/2015
"Bought this guitar for its 1 Tone, 2. Looks, 3. Value I did not go looking for a Faith guitar, but it was the best guitar in my price bracket, and I am delighted with it. The Guitar store guided me to this guitar, and I am glad they did."
Brian Martin
United Kingdom
on 31/01/2015
"Beautiful guitar, beautiful sound."
Simon Kaye
United Kingdom
on 31/01/2015
"Very nice indeed. Compared to previous guitars used/owned such as Taylor and Takamine, this is a very high standard and extremely playable. "
Ian Town
United Kingdom
on 26/01/2015
"Impeccable. Mais, je n'ai joue auparavant que sur des guitares electro valant autour de 300E. "
Longuemart Jean-Paul
on 14/01/2015
"I love my guitar. Ideal for al the music I play- whether strum along, fingerpicking , arpeggios or acoustic lead. The tonal range and sheer playability is a delight "
Charlie coggrave
United Kingdom
on Nov-14
"Brilliant I'm thrilled I wanted one for so long"
Tony Killing
United Kingdom
on 13/01/2015
"Really beautiful guitar with fantastic tone and great playability. Sounds brilliant through an amp too. Bought on a visit to Richards Guitars Stratford upon Avon where I tried lots of quality guitars but just kept coming back to the FVHG. Delighted! "
Keith Walton
United Kingdom
on 10/01/2015
"Categorically "Blown Away" ! I cannot put my new venus down, I have tried and i pick it straight back up again.sound,build,feel and playability is quite simply in a universe of its own.And i've only had it 9 hrs ...... !"
matt  willetts
United Kingdom
on today 10/01/2015
"Absolutely wonderful, for a 70 year old youngster trying to learn how to play!"
Ken Hughes
United Kingdom
on 15/10/2014
Hannah Hill
United Kingdom
on 22/12/2014
"Can't fault it."
Stuart Ness
United Kingdom
on 24/12/2014
"I've been playing for over 30 years and this is the nicest guitar I've owned. The finish, set-up and quality, with all solid tonewood construction is simply incredible at this price. Beautiful to look at, to play and to listen to. An absolute gem."
Roddy Gourlay
United Kingdom
on 15/12/2014
"Went to the shop to try out some Martins, Taylors, Gibsons and Yamaha's. None of them said buy me, then I noticed the Faith Stand and picked up the Venus. I knew within the first minute it was coming home with me. Makes me sound good."
Steve Cartwright
United Kingdom
"All I want to do at the moment is play it but I'm tired and need to go to bed! It's beautiful and i'm thrilled with it, nicest guitar i've ever owned (after 20 years with a 200 Yamaha). I need to play in the strings still but i'm loving the tone."
David Fox
United Kingdom
on 21/12/2014
United Kingdom
on 14/12/2014
"Following a friend's advise playing a Faith guitar, I ordered one. My Venus guitar has a great sound, is easy to play, has incredible rate quality price. I regret not having chosen the stereo preamp but it will be for another guitar!"
Christian Wipliez
on 26/11/2014
"I had never heard of Faith and was looking for a big American brand, Martin, Guild or Gretsch etc. Westmount owner Paul Coombes suggested I look at Faith - FANTASTIC. Wonderful clear bright sound, beautiful finish."
Alison Pugh
United Kingdom
on 25/11/2014
"So far so good"
Chris Miles
United Kingdom
on 23/11/2014
"First impressions - lovely sound"
Andy Terry
United Kingdom
on 22/11/2014
"Beautiful guitar with beautiful warm tone and fantastic playability. I couldn't be more pleased"
Chris Howard
United Kingdom
on 20/11/2014
"It is a great guitar, huge sound but the action is high"
on 14/11/2014
"The guitar is quite simply stunning! Its looks and sounds amazing and is an absolute joy to play."
Roy Moor
United Kingdom
on 12/11/2014
"Really excellent sound, especially for the price. Action is good and both plugged in sound and unplugged sound clear and refined."
Magnus Gallie
United Kingdom
on 02/11/2014
"Absolutely brilliant."
Samuel Hodgson
United Kingdom
on 01/11/2014
"Not bad ... not bad at all!"
United Kingdom
on 01/11/2014
"Beautiful looking ... beautiful sounding. Full, rich, warm sound with balance across the strings"
Ivan Skinner
United Kingdom
on 31/10/2014
"Great build,amazing resonance and string separation. The Pan feature has been a revelation in both the studio and live. I use the channels separately live with some reverb on the top strings and plain EQ on the bottom.. brilliant.."
Chris Hutton
United Kingdom
on 29/10/2014
Steven Harris
United Kingdom
on 26/10/2014
"it's nice"
Korea, Republic of
on 25/10/2014
"Absolutely gorgeous!"
Anirban Saha
on 19/10/2014
"Love it, initial set up could be slightly better, truss rod needed tightening slightly for decent action. Lovely tone acoustically and amplified ."
Graham Holland
United Kingdom
on 19/10/2014
"I have only had a brief time with the guitar but the case, guitar and overall quality is up there with guitars/basses costing 1000+. Very well finished, light, pretty, easy to play."
Gareth Walkner
United Kingdom
on 18/10/2014
"I love my guitar. Its an amazing guitar for a reasonable price. Should have a higher price tag."
Lee Cocks
United Kingdom
on 12/10/2014
"Absolutely love it! Great to strum, better to finger pick and I can't put it down. Just need to keep improving to do it justice."
Mike McCrudden
United Kingdom
on 05/10/2014
"I have been looking for a Taylor or Martin until I tried the Faith. I played about a dozen all felt and sounded great but difference and as good as Taylor.One of the best acoustic guitar I have ever played.Great guitar at a great price Thanks"
Dave  Day
United Kingdom
on 04/10/2014
"Fantastic guitar. Went shopping for a Martin or a Taylor with solid back and sides and walked out with a gorgeous Faith instead. My story is probably the same as most other Faith owners, their quality of workmanship and sound is hard to beat!!"
Dan Fennell
United Kingdom
on 30/09/2014
"Excellent more than pleased "
Paul Campbell
United Kingdom
on 18/09/2014
"1The shadow pickup is a little "bright". Felt that it looses the tone acoustically. "
Kim Beng Ang
on 17/09/2014
"Great to play much easier than my previous Fender"
Paul Kelly
United Kingdom
on 17/09/2014
"so far so good, excellent"
vito pacini
United Kingdom
on 07/09/2014
"Very pleased so far."
Stephen Porter
United Kingdom
on 02/09/2014
"Hi, I'm a guitar beginner who look for buy my first guitar. I'm falling in love with the High Gloss Venus shape, and design. This guitar sound as good as she look, so great ! Thank Faith, thank M. Eggle !!"
on 27/08/2014
"Excellent love the tone the general feel easy to tune and keeps in tune, I don`t play that well yet but I am improving I enjoy practicing the sound i can get inspires me to play better, I was advised to invest in a Faith I am glad I did ."
United Kingdom
on 21/08/2014
"a good product."
Fisch Jordi
on 20/08/2014
"Great sound and beautifully finished.Find the 3rd string a bit squeaky, probably because the sound board is so responsive, but not a problem."
Chris Easton
United Kingdom
on 19/08/2014
"Best Acoustic guitar I owned and play, a master piece, very happy!"
United States of America
on 18/08/2014
"It's excellent and my neighbour who is a professional musician is planning to get one."
Steve Dales
United Kingdom
on 12/01/2014
"Great Instrument, very hard to find around here!"
Francesco Bettoni
on 08/01/2014
"Great tone, nice feel albeit the action is a bit high for me but that's easily sorted. Lovely finish. So far I'm really pleased with my purchase."
Jim Galloway
United Kingdom
on 05/01/2014
"Bought as a back up gig guitar and happy with the tone, balance and quality."
Rob Hill
United Kingdom
on 02/01/2014
"Beautiful, gorgeous, lovely......"
Stephen Dennis
United Kingdom
on 31/12/2013
"Great so far but action a wee bit high "
Tom Kay
United Kingdom
on 29/12/2013
"It's standing up really well to long hours of play. The tones developing nicely, getting more character in the attack and bass. And it's a visual treat, gorgeous colours and detail in the rosewood, flame in the binding, and silking in the spruce."
Julian Kelsey
United Kingdom
on 29/12/2013
"Well built. Well set up and great value for money. Sound is equal to that of a guitar costing a lot more money. Congrats."
Alan Raine
United Kingdom
on 29/12/2013
"Having been a guitarist for 20+ years playing just about every make and style around. I must say the Faith is the finest acoustic I have ever played. It is beautifully crafted, full toned and say to play. Magnificent , I love it!"
Scott Matthew
United Kingdom
on 26/12/2013
"I only got it today, but I fell in love with it in the shop. The looks, sound and feel of the neck really did blow me away!"
Michael Kennedy
United Kingdom
on 21/12/2013
"So far so good!"
Eirik Jelstad
on 11/12/2013
"Have been looking for months for the right guitar. I have just played the Venus hi gloss absolutely superb set up, finish excellent a real stunner Have now got it home and wow the sound is brill can't wait to gig with my accordion playing wife "
John Drake
United Kingdom
on 26/11/2013
"Lovely sound - good playability. Yet to use the "Hex". Not sure about the stereo yet"
Michael Otway
on 11/11/2013
"I was looking for an electro-acoustic for convenient home recording. I'm amazed at the quality and sound of this guitar at this price point. Excellent!"
Andrew Fitzgibbon
United Kingdom
on 26/10/2013
"Amazing guitar, value for money exceeds those of the 'bigger' names by far. It's a keeper!"
Stuart Evans
United Kingdom
on 26/10/2013
"Amazing! Bright, articulate sound with stunning looks and a fantastic neck. Hex pre amp completes an all round unbeatable package."
Paul Casson
United Kingdom
on 25/10/2013
"Fantastic guitar. People are always asking 'what is that guitar?, it sounds really sweet'"
Paul Thompson
United Kingdom
on 25/10/2013
"Beautiful instrument"
Ray Lake
United Kingdom
on 20/10/2013
"Superb build quality and sound."
Alex Earle
United Kingdom
on 29/09/2013
"so far so good, good feel, great tone, playbility perfect"
Gert-Jan ENGEL
on 27/09/2013
"Very well made and excellent tone. Onboard electrics first class, especially the stereo mode. Recently played a Taylor 716ce costing 2500 and I must say this Faith Venus gives me just as much pleasure."
John Kevill
United Kingdom
on 23/09/2013
"I'd never heard of Faith guitars until the day I walked into the Musicroom store looking for a new guitar. I was immediately blown away by its quality and playability. Amazing value for money. Very happy :)"
Justin Kingston
United Kingdom
on 21/09/2013
"Great sound, great feel. great value"
Stephen George
United Kingdom
on 20/09/2013
"Great guitar, i love the build and the sound. :D"
Dimas Yudapranata
on 20/09/2013
"I'm a singer songwriter here in the UK. I just randomly called in to the store for my birthday present. I fell in love with the Venus FVHG. Absolutely beautiful !!! We connected like estranged best friends. Patrick, you are invited to the wedding!!!"
James Byiers
United Kingdom
on 19/09/2013
"Great sound, beautiful looks, a dream to play. Absolutely love it!"
Eelco Bouwer
United Kingdom
on 12/09/2013
"A fantastic guitar, british design, beautifully put together. Build quality/materials are a match for any other high end brand i looked at and much more affordable. I am absolutely delighted with my Venus, it just sounds and feels brilliant !!"
Steven  Couse
United Kingdom
on 25/08/2013
"In one sentence I'd say this was the quality of a 1500 guitar for half the cost! "
giles maddever
United Kingdom
on 17/08/2013
"The best Electro Acoustic I have owned. Beautiful tone, on its own and through the amp and easy to play. Better than the Taylor's and Martin's in the same price bracket (in my opinion!). Great value for money. "
Russell Pope
United Kingdom
on 14/08/2013
"Very impressed so far, compared with other faith models and high end other manufacturers in store, and thought this HiGloss Venus absolutely stood out and was good value for it's construction."
Steve McQuaid
United Kingdom
on 27/07/2013
"Played several guitars in the store. For me, this was head and shoulders above the others. Cost more than I intended to pay. No regrets."
Ian Walker
United Kingdom
on 24/07/2013
"I went in the store to buy a Takamine, but picked up the Faith on a whim, and couldn't put it down. I even tried a low end Taylor at over twice the price and the Faith still won out. Super neck. The finish detail superb. The sound....stunning. 10/10"
Pete Watt
United Kingdom
on 17/07/2013
"Absolutely amazing sound and playability at this price point"
Wolfgang Braun
on 04/07/2013
"Nice built, easy to play. Need sometime to evaluate HEX pickup as it looks strings separation is not good enough. It is too early to rate, that's the reason of '7'. Could be higher. "
Jun Fujimoto
United Kingdom
on 28/06/2013
"Delighted, feels right and sounds great."
Jonathan Hurst
United Kingdom
on 24/06/2013
"I love it."
Sylvester Hermelijn
on 19/06/2013
"Looks superb. Feels quality all round. Plays even better than looks and feels. Have played more expensive guitars but this beats all of them. Very happy customer."
Paul Austin
United Kingdom
on 12/06/2013
"Beautifully finished guitar, the sound and tone is superb. Its playing action is first class, the "Hex" electronics has to neard to be believed, stereo from a acoustic guitar amazing. To finish Richards Guitars handling of the purchase was 1st class."
Dave Newell
United Kingdom
on 08/06/2013
"I love it"
Sylvester Hermelijn
on 07/06/2013
"Beautiful guitar. Sounds good acoustically and electro. The neck seems very comfortable with plenty of room for my stubby fingers and the string spacing is great for finger style playing (I play finger style exclusively). "
Dennis Powell
United Kingdom
on 06/06/2013
ge fly
on 30/05/2013
"Very good. "
Adam Payne
United Kingdom
on 29/05/2013
"Good guitar ! affordable fair, superior workmanship, First-class sound. Good!!!!!! : )"
yr gong
on 28/05/2013
"I am absolutely loving my new Faith Venus. Bought it on ebay, 1.5 years old, hardly used. After a good clean and some new strings it is looking and sounding amazing. What a joy to play - superb high quality guitar! Shame about the faith hard case..."
Stuart Gosney
United Kingdom
on 23/05/2013
"This is the 2nd attempt to buy a Hi Gloss Venus. The first had to be returned for a refund to Andertons of Guilford as the frets were rough to the touch. (registration for the first guitar can be deleted) The one I am registering now appears perfect"
Stephen Dennett
United Kingdom
on 13/05/2013
Jez Pick
United Kingdom
on 06/05/2013
"Excellent build quality and beautiful sound. Looks great with many high end features."
Stephen Dennett
United Kingdom
on 02/05/2013
"It's awesome."
Alex Smith
United Kingdom
on 25/04/2013
"Sounds and looks superb. Sounds good unplugged and plugged. Appreciate solid rosewood sides and back."
Malcolm Braithwaite
United Kingdom
on 19/04/2013
"Lovely feel, and lots of promise as it loosens up - looking forward to the next few months. Had a problem with the pickup battery cover though - not a well designed part and needed replaced. Battery compartment also has harmonic vibration issues."
Gerry Coyle
United Kingdom
on 17/04/2013
"So far really good only picked it up today"
Neil Mason
United Kingdom
on 09/04/2013
"Absolutely fantastic, can't believe the quality for the money! :D"
Ross Watson
United Kingdom
on 26/03/2013
"Astonishing looks & build quality, with a rich and full sound which, being all-solid wood, can only improve with age. Great for strumming and fingerpicking. It feels so natural in the hands and plays extremely well. Easily matches Taylor equivalents."
Stuart Smith
United Kingdom
on 25/03/2013
"It is a beautiful guitar"
Brian Olley
United Kingdom
on 23/03/2013
"Love at first sight, build quality and finish fantastic, very comfortable to play and sounds great."
Keith Purcell
United Kingdom
on 21/03/2013
"I absolutely love my left-handed Faith Venus HiGloss guitar. It looks and sounds fantastic. I only wish that I could play it as well as Faith built it, but it makes me want to keep trying!"
Alistair Sargeant
United Kingdom
on 21/03/2013
"Beautiful. Very good value for money. High quality finish."
James Mack
United Kingdom
on 20/03/2013
"Fantastic guitar, set up to perfection. Amazing sound and the woods are really nice. This guitar outplays almost every guitar in it's price range."
Calum Anderson
United Kingdom
on 16/03/2013
"This solid body guitar is a true piece of craftsman ship. Wonderful tone with warm yet bright projection. The pre-amp also provides a proffessional D.I quality, but i have recently came to the conclusion that the pickup/mics are unstable."
joel wildgoose
United Kingdom
on 15/03/2013
"Great guitar ! Great sound, especially the basses which are very deep ! Love it ! Only default, the microphone for the amplifier which started to get "unglued" a bit fast. "
Thomas Norhadian
on 14/03/2013
" I liked it in the store, I havent had time to change that opinion, but it was based on crisp clear sound and feel in my hands"
Ham  Ackland
on 09/03/2013
Michael Fraser
United Kingdom
on 28/02/2013
"Although I have only had my Venus a few days, I am blown away by this guitar's wonderful tone, great looks and brilliant set up making it an absolute joy to play. I honestly don't think this can be beaten for the price."
Mathew Hood
United Kingdom
on 23/02/2013
Gordon Mcbarron
United Kingdom
on 16/02/2013
"Great value for money. Very pleased"
Jack Merson
United Kingdom
on 13/02/2013
"So far, so good"
Daniel Dundas
United Kingdom
on 07/02/2013
"I'm happy . It's just that the when I plug it in, the volume is VERY low. I played around with the EQ on the guitar and I tried different batteries but nothing worked. I have to turn my amp 4x louder than with other guitars. Causing a lot of hum/buzz"
Ronald Boertje
on 06/02/2013
"Love it. I spent a long time in the shop playing loads of different models and brands but kept returning to this one."
Martin Phippen
United Kingdom
on 04/02/2013
"Lovely tone, very comfortable to play"
Kevin Morrissey
United Kingdom
on 03/02/2013
"It is a beautiful guitar."
Brian Olley
United Kingdom
on 09/01/2013
"Beautifully made, a real pleasure to play, and a lovely sustained tone. "
Paul Tosey
United Kingdom
on 08/01/2013
"superbly built.love it."
andrew mellor
United Kingdom
on 05/01/2013
"Great Guitar, Good sounding for the body size."
David Chapman
United Kingdom
on 03/01/2013
"I am very happy with my guitar and would be glad to recommend Faith Guitars to anyone considering purchasing a new guitar."
Robert McDade
United Kingdom
on 03/01/2013
"Fantastic sound and feel - 250 chars ain't enough"
Brian Davies
United Kingdom
on 29/12/2012
"nice clean lines and good sounds"
ian wilson
United Kingdom
on 22/12/2012
"I don't normally fill in comment boxes. However in this case I am so impressed by the quality of the product and the level of service from Richards Guitars I shall make an exception. The tone is superb while the Hex pre amp is a whole new world. Thx!"
Brian Pooley
United Kingdom
on 18/12/2012
"Absoluteley stunning."
John James
United Kingdom
on 17/12/2012
"Utterly brilliant! Sounds, looks, feels and even smells(!) amazing. Outperforms other guitars I tried that were much more expensive. You've made a me a customer for life with this one."
John Barclay
United Kingdom
on 15/12/2012
"A fine guitar that is beautifully finished with great attention to detail. Having tried many acoustics and electro acoustics before I made my choice, I can also state that all things considered, this Faith guitar is very good value for money. "
Nigel  Rickhards
United Kingdom
on 08/12/2012
"Phenomenal guitar, great value for money, massive tones both unplugged and amped! want another one already"
Jonathan Whitchurch
United Kingdom
on 01/11/2012
"very pleased with everything. great value for money"
jack merson
United Kingdom
on 21/10/2012
"So far very impressed. Have not played amplified yet. Good for finger style with excellent balance especially towards the top where playing with finger nails is important. For the money great value"
Phil Emerson
United Kingdom
on 23/09/2012
"Wonderful, excellent sound and easy to play."
Emily Lane
United Kingdom
on 18/09/2012
"Looks beautiful, sounds beautiful. Hopefully built to last"
Christopher Key
United Kingdom
on 18/09/2012
"It's gorgeous. Just the right size and a beautiful sound."
Marc Bouron
United Kingdom
on 04/09/2012
"Visually stunning, great playability, lovely sound. I absolutely love my new Faith Venus HiGloss."
Kai Gong
on 29/08/2012
"It is wonderful and is ageing beautifully. The colour of the top is turning a lovely shade of honey and the sound is evolving and becoming more complex."
Mike Snelgrove
United Kingdom
on 17/08/2012
"love it!"
Ian Rustell
United Kingdom
on 14/08/2012
"Looks good, sounds good"
Andrew Milne
United Kingdom
on 12/08/2012
"Beautiful look and feel. Great sound from the outset which will improve over time."
John Booth
United Kingdom
on 12/08/2012
"After trying a few guitars at a comparable price and I also tried the Trembesi , I found the tone of the Venus high gloss along with the way it played suited me best. The finish and fittings are first class, a beautiful guitar."
john kelly
United Kingdom
on 04/08/2012
"nice compact size for live work, lovely low action, tonation very good. A bright sound compared to my old faith eclipse which is warmer but the sound complements the celtic style music i write. "
daniel laws
United Kingdom
on 03/08/2012
"tonally very nice . pickup is outstanding. The action could be slightly lower but thats personal taste. "
james macaulay
United Kingdom
on 02/08/2012
Dan Barker
United Kingdom
on 01/08/2012
"Absolutely brilliant. With the low action it practically plays itself."
Per Svanberg
United Kingdom
on 31/07/2012
"Brilliant - as good as my Martins and Taylors"
David Vickers
United Kingdom
on 15/07/2012
Jon Pearson
United Kingdom
on 25/06/2012
"The build quality & sound are fantastic. This is by far the best guitar I have ever owned."
Philip Jackson
United Kingdom
on 17/06/2012
"Very nice Guitar to look at and just a great little Guitar to play, (Just like the Godes of Love)"
Gerry Cassidy
United Kingdom
on 31/05/2012
"I was pleased to see Faith Guitars in Holland. Showing all my new dutch musical friends. Love my Venus...She's a beauty. "
Gary South
on 24/05/2012
"Very impressed beautiful tone and playability"
Darren Wilson
United Kingdom
on 12/05/2012
"Love it."
James Mostyn
United Kingdom
on 27/04/2012
"Beautiful action. Amazing good looks. Feels wonderful in my hands"
Russ Little
on 20/04/2012
"I absolutely love these guitars. Tonally and value-for-money wise, It's the best guitar I tried under 1000, and I tried a lot. I couldn't be happier with my Faith Venus."
Matt Freestone
United Kingdom
on 20/04/2012
"The Rosewood finish is stunning and the sound, both acoustic and through my Crate Amp is really pleasing and surpisingly full bodied with sweet treble. It's a dream to play both finger style and when strummed with a light gauge plectrum."
Roger Ingram
United Kingdom
on 19/04/2012
Gary Ward
United Kingdom
on 14/04/2012
"One of the most beautiful guitars Ive ever had. Excellent craftsmanship, distinctive sound plugged and unplugged. Great value for the money. I love this guitar :-)"
Andreas Bluemel
on 13/04/2012
"Amazing guitar, great to be playing live. its underrated guitars"
Matty Ariyaratnam
United Kingdom
on 12/04/2012
"Its great! I have learned on smaller body acoustics and this is the perfect step up - a small and sleek body yet fantastic tone and easy playability!"
Sam Pannell
United Kingdom
on 11/04/2012
"I can't find any reason to mark this guitar down, it's by far the best I've ever owned. Great for picking and strumming, good pickup and nice full-bodied tone."
Gary Holden
United Kingdom
on 03/04/2012
"This guitar is a firm favourite of mine, & I have quite a few! It's a great quality all-rounder and is fantastic for the price. "
James Lawson
United Kingdom
on 03/04/2012
"Best guitar i've ever owned. Quality of build, looks and sound. I was looking for a Taylor or a Martin at the time but when i saw and tried the Faith I realised at the price range i was looking at, comparitively, the Faith was a much better deal."
Andrew Blunt
United Kingdom
on 30/03/2012
"Lovely guitar, great sounds acoustic or plugged in"
Bill Westwood
United Kingdom
on 20/03/2012
"Great sound plugged in or acoustically. "
Greig Porteous
United Kingdom
on 19/03/2012
"fantastic. looks and sounds great."
david  logan
United Kingdom
on 16/03/2012


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