Faith Guitars Venus - OM Cutaway / Auditorium Guitar

The Venus is the now iconic shape that brought Faith Guitars to the consciousness of so many players over the years. The combination of a 15" lower bout and a slimmer depth of body looks to classic OM or Auditorium body-shapes for inspiration, and makes the Venus the ultimate all-rounder. 

Whereas the slightly larger Neptune Baby-Jumbo still has a certain amount of low-end agression, the Venus tones it down a little more, and in return ramps up the mid frequencies a little to produce a sweet voice with excellent clarity. 

So, while it's still big enough to more than hold its own when unplugged, its real party trick is being the ultimate stage guitar. Thousands of musicians across the globe have played the most arduous of gigs in comfort with a Faith Venus slung over their shoulders. Players of all ages, shapes and sizes will find it supremely comfortable, that's for sure. 

As ever though, the precise tone of your Venus model will be affected by the Faith Guitars series to which it belongs: 

  • Venus Electro models with Mahogany back and sides - such as the Naked SeriesNatural SeriesEclipse Series and All-Mahogany Series - will give warmer tones, especially suited to strumming. 
  • However, Venus models from the HiGloss series - which have rosewood back and sides - will be brighter overall and deliver clearer, more pronounced bass frequencies. 
  • If you fancy something inbetween, then take a look at the Trembesi series or the Award-Winning Blood Moon series. Using Exotic Trembesi tonewoods, these beautiful guitars will sound a little brighter than Mahogany models, yet not quite as 'fizzy' as rosewood models. 
  • Venus is also available as part of the Classic Burst Series. This model benefits from a wider, 45mm fingerstyle nut, as well as the darker, mellow tones associated with a Cedar and Mahogany tonewood pairing. 

Enjoy choosing your new Venus Electro Acoustic below. You're going to love them! 

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