Faith Guitars Saturn - Dreadnought Guitar

One of the orginal Faith Guitar acoustic shapes that launched the brand at the beginning of the 2000s, the Saturn is a square-shouldered dreadnought design which echoes the glorious historical design dating back to the early 1900s. However, although a very old design, the Saturn uses all the current Faith manufacturing techniques and Patrick James Eggle's luthier skills to ensure each guitar is built to modern standards.

The traditional body shape of the Saturn acoustic is available in its original guise, or in an electro acoustic cutaway version too, allowing easier access to the upper frets. Whichever version you choose, you can be confident that your Saturn will produce arguably the most balanced and easily recognisable tone in the guitar world. Bass, Mid and Treble response is pretty even across the spectrum, but with just enough mid-frequency bite to cut through an ensemble or band setting. 

The precise tone of your Faith Saturn dreadnought guitar will naturally vary depending upon the tonewoods used: 

  • Saturn models with Mahogany back and sides - such as the Naked SeriesNatural Series and Eclipse Series - will give warmer tones, especially suited to strumming. 
  • However, Saturn dreadnought models from the HiGloss series - which have rosewood back and sides - will be brighter overall and deliver clearer, more pronounced bass frequencies. 
  • If you fancy something inbetween, then take a look at the Award-Winning Blood Moon series. Using Exotic Trembesi tonewood for the top, back and sides, these beautiful guitars will sound a little brighter than Mahogany models, yet not quite as 'fizzy' as rosewood models. 

Let's also not forget the option of 12 strings. The FS12HG is a Spruce/Rosewood model belonging to the HiGloss series. The true 12string 'jangle' is handled beautifully by the ample body size of the Saturn.
On a similar alternative note, it's worth also looking at the the Mars 'drop-shoulder' model. This is a great dreadnought alternative if you fancy something a little different.

So, the Saturn is like an old friend: you know exactly what to expect, and it can be relied upon to deliver the goods time after time. 

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