FG1NCE - PJE Legacy Neptune Cut/Electro (Khaya Mahogany) SRP: £1,449.00

FG1NCE - PJE Legacy Neptune Cut/Electro (Khaya Mahogany)
FG1NCE - PJE Legacy Neptune Cut/Electro (Khaya Mahogany) FG1NCE - PJE Legacy Neptune Cut/Electro (Khaya Mahogany) FG1NCE - PJE Legacy Neptune Cut/Electro (Khaya Mahogany) FG1NCE - PJE Legacy Neptune Cut/Electro (Khaya Mahogany)
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Model Overview

Focusing solely on Patrick James Eggle’s historic acoustic body shapes, our new PJE Legacy Series guitars set a new bar for professional excellence. 

The Sitka Spruce tops of these guitars have been kiln-aged through a process of torrefaction or torrefication. The Spruce is air dried before being roasted in a kiln with precise controls over atmospheric and oxygen levels to reduce its moisture content. Then as the wood cools, precise amounts of moisture are re-introduced to the wood. The resulting timber is more stable – always good when used as a topwood - and aurally, it produces a rich, mellow tone with a mature voicing which would take perhaps 20 years of waiting to achieve under normal circumstances. Treating Spruce this way has its benefits on the way it looks too with it taking on a golden-caramel colouring that sees this series radiate an authentic, grown-up vibe. 

They also feature solid high-figure, Flamed Maple bindings, Figured Ebony fingerboards and bridges, and bone nuts, saddles and bridge pins. Also for the first time in our history – each guitar has a solid Figured Ebony pickguard.

This Faith Neptune model is based upon Patrick James Eggle's highly acclaimed 'Saluda' shape.

A Baby-Jumbo size with a 16" lower bout, the Neptune is the perfect model for those seeking acoustic power without the physical bulk of a full-sized Jumbo. 


Fishman Pre-Amp / Pickup

These Faith Legacy models are fitted with Fishman's latest FLEX-BLEND preamp system. Featuring an undersaddle piezo pickup and condensor microphone, greater sound balance is achieved, plus percussive techniques can be fully explored. The preamp features 3 ultra-discreet knobs, a built in tuner, EQ contour control, blend control (Piezo/Mic), and phase control (push to activate). The battery is stored in a special bag located inside the guitar fixed to the neck block, and the jack output is combined with the strap button at the base.


Pickguard Macassan Figured Ebony
Top Wood Torrefied Canadian Sitka Spruce
Back Wood African Khaya Mahogany
Side Wood African Khaya Mahogany
Binding Solid Flamed Maple
Bracing Material Hand-Scalloped Quarter-Sawn Spruce
Bracing Pattern Patrick James Eggle X-Brace Design
Rosette 5mm Abalone with Fibre Border
Neck Mahogany
Neck Finish Satin
Neck Joint Patrick James Eggle Bolt-On Design
Fingerboard Macassan Figured Ebony
Fingerboard Radius 16"
Fingerboard Inlays Mother of Pearl 'F' at 12th Fret
Machine Head Grover Rotomatic 18:1 Nickel
Trussrod 2 Way
Nut / Saddle Natural Bone
Nut Width 45mm / String Spacing 55mm
Bridge Macassan Figured Ebony
Bridge Pins Natural Bone
Finish Type PU Lacquer High Gloss all-over
Preamp / Pickup Fishman Flex Blend / Condenser Mic
Hardcase Faith Premium Hardcase Included


Upper bout298mm
Lower bout405mm
Depth at neck105mm
Depth at base116mm
Body Length510mm
Soundhole Diameter100mm
Scale Length650mm
Fingerboard Radius16 inch

Spares & Accessories

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of owners would recommend their Faith Guitar to a friend or family member **
** Based on 2592 online registrations.
"An overall amazing instrument and a pleasure to play. The build quality, playability and sound are all outstanding - and I have not even plugged it into a PA or amp/preamp yet to fully utilise the condenser mic and pickup. The blend function will be a great tool for both playing live and recording purposes.
I purchased this guitar not only for the playability, sound and blend option, but also due to the fact that I am confident it will give me a professional sound within both my live sets and my recordings.
A very happy customer and thank you to Faith guitars. "
United Kingdom
on 28/10/2022
"Very pleased with the tone.The look is great.Was originally looking for a Guild or Gibson.
Saw this guitar which stood out from the others and tried it.Neck profile was perfect .Sounded great."
United Kingdom
on 15/11/2022
"This is my second Faith Guitar, I find them extremely high quality instruments. My Legacy guitar is one of the best guitars I have played"
United Kingdom
on 09/10/2022
"Very pleased with the finish and the sound. Also very playable - probably in part to do with the slightly wider nut width. Selected in preference to Earth and Blood Moon Neptune"
United Kingdom
on 27/07/2022
"So far OK, Yet to Gig. Tuner Screen a bit Small and Awkward to see when Guitar in Situ with strap. No Markings for Vol / Tone Controls and would have preferred 3,5,7,9 Inlays in Frets. "
United Kingdom
on 21/06/2022
"Beautiful appearance, rich warm tone and excellent playability. The case is sturdy. In short, I love it."
United Kingdom
on 27/02/2022
"A great guitar"
United Kingdom
"Absolutely love it. Great action, lovely tone, and perfectly set up. It's also a guitar of rare beauty, flawless in its construction, and a joy to own and play. I never dreamt that I would find a guitar of this quality within my budget. "
United Kingdom
on 28/09/2021
"Lovely guitar. Still trying to find the right strings to bring out the best of it. Any suggestions?"
United Kingdom
on 13/12/2020
"Unbelievable quality and tone compared to guitars more than twice the price."
United Kingdom
on 28/07/2021
"So far so good!"
United Kingdom
on 23/07/2021
"What an amazing acoustic! Great playabilty, impressing sustain and wonderful richness of tone. High quality materials all over and comes with perfect finish and set up. Highly recommended!"
on 01/04/2021
"Fantastic tone, great playing action and looks beautiful."
United Kingdom
on 20/02/2020
"Quite simply the best guitar I have ever played or owned. I am absolutely delighted and can't stop playing it. Incredible value for money too. Before choosing my PJE Legacy Neptune electro acoustic I tried all of the usual USA and Mexican built alternatives and I made my choice based on the quality of its sound, look and feel. That it was the best priced of the bunch was frankly a bonus. A stunning instrument. "
United Kingdom
on 14/01/2021
"I like it a little bit more each day"
United Kingdom
on 17/07/2020
"Ease of play and really great rich tone."
United Kingdom
on 25/10/2020
"Sweet, powerful and sparkling sound over the entire sound spectrum. Attractive appearance. Excellent craftsmanship and quality."
on 23/10/2020
"It is lovely, but I didn't like the DR strings - they sounded a bit dull to my ear - so I changed them for Elixir Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze 13s and now it sounds lively and has good note separation when strumming. I love the sustain. It also has a very playable neck and action (even with the heavier gauge strings)"
United Kingdom
on 11/08/2020
"Beautifully crafted guitar with excellent range. The body shape is the perfect size for me. Surpassed my expectation for a guitar under $1500. "
United Kingdom
on 08/08/2020
"Very nicely made guitar which sounds good plugged or unplugged. Maybe you could include some instructions about changing the battery as it is in a relatively inaccessible position? Also some small position markers on the rotary knobs would be a useful addition."
United Kingdom
on 08/07/2020
"Fantastic guitar, already own a Taylor but after watching many reviews online went for the Legacy Neptune and couldn't be happier. Will definitely be looking at another Faith in the future. Oozes quality, craftsmanship and just simply beautiful in looks and tone. Thank you Faith. "
United Kingdom
on 09/06/2020
"I bought two of these guitars from Richards guitars, absolutely stunning looking and sounding, so glad we went with Faith, I will recommend these to everyone, I sought the advice of Andyguitar.com who was fantastic at helping choose as was Richard from Richard Guitars, keep up the great work Faith guitars... "
United Kingdom
on 25/02/2020
"Looks beautiful, plays well and sounds amazing."
United Kingdom
on 08/12/2019
"Gorgeous sound, gorgeous looks. "
United Kingdom
on 22/11/2019
"Sounds stunning. Lovely details. My second Faith guitar. Played one of these months ago. Wanted one ever since. My Mahogany Nepture was damaged in an accident. Going to repair, but this new guitar is fabulous."
United Kingdom
on 21/11/2019
"A beautiful guitar,sounds really good and easy to play."
United Kingdom
on 27/08/2019
"Beautiful tone and looks."
United Kingdom
on 10/07/2019
"My 3rd Faith guitar; impressed with the sound, build quality and materials used."
United Kingdom
on 18/06/2019
"Great guitar! Perfect for the intended use"
on 12/05/2019
"The longer I have this instrument the more I like it. High quality construction, full bodied & bright sound, wonderful :)"
United Kingdom
on 30/03/2019
"Excellent instrument. The tone I'd expect from a mature guitar, beautfully made, easy to play..... can already hear the difference in my playing. The tone of the instrument has been commented on by several listeners."
United Kingdom
on 28/03/2019
"Beautiful materials and build quality, sound is wonderful - the torrefied top really makes a difference - delighted with the guitar. Great job. "
on 16/03/2019
"Looks great, sounds great, nice low action. I'm very happy with my purchase."
United Kingdom
on 27/03/2019
United Kingdom
on 10/03/2019
United Kingdom
on 24/02/2019
"Sounds great, plays amazing and looks stunning"
on 07/02/2019
United Kingdom
on 05/09/2018
"Absolutely love this guitar. Have other Faith guitars but this is a significant upgrade. Like the fact it has a slighter wider nut than my other Faiths. Love the sound. The looks and finish are exemplary. Feels like a real professional machine. Faith have excelled themselves again!"
United Kingdom
on 03/01/2019
"Bright, articulate with sufficient depth and flexibility to use in an acoustic duo and rock band.
The built quality is flawless and look pleasingly understated. The flex blend seems to cope with and sonic requirement and environment. "
United Kingdom
on 31/12/2018
"LOVE IT.... big sound, good balance all the way up the neck "
United States of America
on 29/11/2018
"I was lucky to get the new factory boxed model not the demo one. Soundwise - very good, but it had some minor issues lookwise - some almost invisible dents on the top and tiny lacquer crack at the edge of the rosette. So 98% perfect. But the keeper."
on 09/10/2018
"Stunning looking Guitar with a great full tone and brightness, comes with a fantastic case for its protection. Looking forward to many years of playing."
United Kingdom
on 01/10/2018
"It's a very robust and articulate instrument."
United Kingdom
on 10/08/2018