FNCEBMB - Blood Moon Neptune Cut/Electro SRP: £1,082.00

FNCEBMB - Blood Moon Neptune Cut/Electro
FNCEBMB - Blood Moon Neptune Cut/Electro FNCEBMB - Blood Moon Neptune Cut/Electro FNCEBMB - Blood Moon Neptune Cut/Electro

Model Overview

New for 2017, the Neptune Blood Moon is a beautiful instrument which uses only the finest, figured Javanese Trembesi for the top, back and sides. This indigenous Indonesian timber has long been used by furniture makers for its stunning appearance, but we have been convinced of its tonal properties for a good while too.

Not unlike Hawaiian Koa, a solid Trembesi instrument reacts in a similar way to Mahogany, delivering warmth and balance across the strings, while still having a little rosewood-eque sparkle at the top end.

The exclusive 'Blood Moon' burst finish and solid flamed maple binding serves to enhance its stunning appearance further.

Each guitar will have its own distinct figuring: Some with straight, pronounced verticle grains; Some with horizontal 'flaming'; and even some with a combination of the two. But regardless of the individual figuring of each model, the tone will be wonderful, and the appearance will be truly unique. 

This Faith Neptune model is based upon Patrick James Eggle's highly acclaimed 'Saluda' shape.This Faith Neptune model is based upon Patrick James Eggle's highly acclaimed 'Saluda' shape.

A Baby-Jumbo size with a 16" lower bout, the Neptune is the perfect model for those seeking acoustic power without the physical bulk of a full-sized Jumbo.


Fishman Pre-Amp / Pickup

This Faith Guitar is fitted with the refined, low-profile Fishman INK3 preamp system with the Sonicore piezo pickup located under the saddle. The preamp features a chromatic tuner, 3 band EQ and volume control. The output jack is located at the base of the guitar as part of the ingenious, easy-access battery compartment.


Top Wood Solid Figured Indonesian Trembesi
Back Wood Solid Figured Indonesian Trembesi
Side Wood Solid Figured Indonesian Trembesi
Binding Flamed Maple
Bracing Material Hand-Scalloped Quarter-Sawn Spruce
Bracing Pattern Patrick James Eggle X-Brace Design
Rosette 5mm Abalone with Fibre Border
Neck Mahogany
Neck Finish Satin
Neck Joint Patrick James Eggle Bolt-On Design
Fingerboard Macassan Figured Ebony
Fingerboard Radius 16"
Fingerboard Inlays Mother of Pearl 'F' at 12th Fret
Machine Head Grover Rotomatic Gold
Trussrod 2 Way
Nut / Saddle TUSQ (PQ-6116)/(PQ-9110)
Nut Width Nut 43mm / String Spacing 55mm
Bridge Macassan Figured Ebony
Bridge Pins Macassan Figured Ebony with Abalone Dots
Finish Type Gloss Top / Gloss Back and Sides
Preamp / Pickup Fishman INK3 Preamp with undersaddle pickup
Hardcase Included


Upper bout298mm
Lower bout405mm
Depth at neck105mm
Depth at base116mm
Body Length510mm
Soundhole Diameter100mm
Scale Length650mm
Fingerboard Radius16 inch

Spares & Accessories

Are you looking for spare parts or accessories for your Faith Guitar? CLICK HERE (opens in a new window) for our range of spares and accessories.

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"Stunning looking guitar that sounds sweet and soulful. Exotic wood and craftsmanship set it apart from the crowd. "
United Kingdom
on 14/08/2021
"So far I am still getting used to it but I now intend to practice each day to get my fingers used to the slightly wider neck."
United Kingdom
on 12/08/2021
"Rich deep color with a beautiful feel and wonderful tone, couldn't resist buying it even though my standard of play does not justify it, but what the heck, it had to be bought."
United Kingdom
on 10/08/2021
"I just opened the case and it is stunning to look at! Tuned it real quick and it plays beautifully. Amazing so far!!"
United States
on 09/08/2021
"Unbelievable sound quality, mellow, smooth, and warm with beautiful colors and natural grain.

One of the best guitars I've played and owned in years.
Thank you"
United Kingdom
on 04/08/2021
United Kingdom
on 03/08/2021
"A very very fine guitar. Looks simply gorgeous and perfectly complements the Martins and Taylors I own, bringing something different and delightful to the table. Rich bass and lovely chiming treble. Beautifully set up, too - perfect neck angle, great nut action, 2.25mm action at 12th fret, and adequate saddle height for future adjustment."
United Kingdom
on 29/07/2021
"Best looking guitar I've ever seen.
Plays well too"
United Kingdom
on 24/10/2020
"Still new to me but a first inspection looks amazing "
United Kingdom
on 25/01/2021
"Beautiful sound. Great feel. Best acoustic guitar I've ever had."
United Kingdom
on 26/08/2020
"It was a gift, and Iím blown away by it. The sound is pristine, the feel is so smooth"
United States of America
on 04/12/2020
"First thing that draws you to the guitar are its looks, beautiful, you just have to try it. Great action, neck feels just the right width and thickness. Great tone on open chords, lower notes full but higher notes not quite as distinct. But so good to play."
South Africa
on 09/12/2020
"Stunning looks & sound. Plays easily, wonderful tone.
This is the 3rd Faith guitar in our household, all excellent"
United Kingdom
on 01/10/2020
"Fantastic tone with or without amp, and a good looking guitar too! Love it!"
United Kingdom
on 12/09/2020
"Looks beautiful.

Deeper tones than the venus, which I love.

Setup was just right.

Sounds great"
United Kingdom
on 11/09/2020
"A huge upgrade on my previous acoustic in terms of looks, playability and sound. This guitar inspires me to pick it up and play, in fact it dares me not to."
United Kingdom
on 26/08/2020
"beautiful guitar but few complaints. Finish wasn't buffed properly, prior to dispatch setup hasn't been done(neither signed) guitar is not in intonation.
small scratched near fishman control. glue marks around the bridge. "
on 15/08/2020
"Lovely rich tone and a great looking instrument."
United Kingdom
on 19/08/2020
"It looks and sounds great"
United Kingdom
on 02/06/2020
"I love the tone of this guitar, as a new player, it gave me the encouragement to play more and practise more."
United Kingdom
on 28/11/2019
"Love it "
United Kingdom
on 18/11/2017
"Very happy! My second faith. Had to buy this one. My wife Acquired the first faith i purchased.
Now we can play together again without getting jealous. One happy couple."
United States
on 31/03/2020
"Great sound great looks"
United Kingdom
on 20/11/2019
"Not only is the Faith Blood Moon one of the most beautiful guitars I have ever seen. Its sounds amazing and to get a PJE designed all solid wood construction at this price is in my opinion epic value for money."
United Kingdom
on 07/03/2020
"Truly unique and beautiful design and exceptional craftmanship. Very strong position of value for money. Sounds lovely and great sustain. Natural chorus on chords when played loud and lovely zing on single notes and lead lines. "
United Kingdom
on 16/02/2020
"Stunning, so far. Always been attracted to Faith blood moon series "
United Kingdom
on 20/11/2019
"Beautiful instrument. Looks great. Sounds amazing. Awesome instrument. Great investment"
United Kingdom
on 18/10/2019
"My previous guitar was ok but after checking out several models via reviews I went for the Neptune Blood Moon Cutaway. This is simply another level. Beautiful both acoustically and aesthetically."
United Kingdom
on 31/10/2019
"Beautiful very happy with it"
United Kingdom
on 04/09/2019
"A game changer! It has a rich, full sound, that resonates and it looks beautiful. It fits my small(ish female) frame very well. Its depth is more than my previous guitar but I can still play comfortably . I am over the bloody moon with my purchase! "
United Kingdom
on 25/06/2019
"First off this guitar looks beautiful, I haven't seen one quite like it before. I think it is a great guitar and well worth the money. I believe that anyone who purchases this instrument would be very happy with the quality of both the sound and appearance. "
United States
on 14/05/2019
"Beautiful in looks and sound!!"
United States of America
on 10/01/2019
"Nice sound, good to play. Strings can have slightly metallic sound when played hard though."
United Kingdom
on 23/11/2018
"Absolutely gorgeous !! the bloodmoon sounds far better than 6 alternative makes I tested even plugged in the sound is crystal clear and huge.I love the way the guitar looks and feels , simply beautiful. I got it home and looked at online reviews as I had never seen this guitar before I stepped into Knighton music . I am so happy I chose this guitar .. Thanks !!"
United Kingdom
on 19/01/2019
"A beautiful guitar, not just visually but in tonal quality. A pleasure to play...."
United Kingdom
on 10/01/2019
"So far pretty Amazing!"
United Kingdom
on 02/01/2019
"Nice sound, some build quality problems. Had to re-glue wires into body and the rear pin fell out during first gig due to flimsy screw. "
United Kingdom
on 08/01/2018
"Excellent guitar, extremely aesthetically pleasing and has the sound to go with the look. I would be paying a fortune for a Martin or Gibson acoustic with these specifications.
United Kingdom
on 24/12/2018
"Fantastic guitar, build quality is exceptional, playability is excellent. Without doubt the finest acoustic I have owned."
United Kingdom
on 12/12/2018
"Just the sound I was looking for. Brighter than a Martin Dread and has some interesting harmonics. This guitar has a very unique sound and I love it. The quality is top notch and is usually seen only in guitars that are 3 to 4 times this price point. I was happy to find only one for sale in the U.S. this December and I quickly purchased. I predict this will be a major brand in the U.S. in the next few years!"
United States
on 17/12/2018
"very happy with it"
United Kingdom
on 07/11/2018
"It's beautiful! Way better than my playing deserves but I fell in love with it. Had considered a naked model (I'm only a beginner) but I wanted the darker wood and I loved the sound and feel of the Blood Moon Neptune. The only slight niggle is that my guitar has a small mark on the satin section and the store said it can't be polished out because it's below the laquer."
United Kingdom
on 10/12/2018
"Quality top class, looks absolutely beautiful, sound/tone could not ask for more excellent, materials of construction first class.
Negative ponts, absolutely none. "
United Kingdom
on 13/12/2018
"Looks and sounds amazing, love it! Great value. I spent weeks looking at different guitar makes and this won easily.
Teething issues: Action quite high (PMT will be fixing this shortly) Case great but the lid strap could do with being a bit longer as the lid tends to drop just when your getting the guitar out and could dent it!"
United Kingdom
on 11/11/2018
"Only had it 2 days, but living up to expectations so far."
United Kingdom
on 23/11/2018
United Kingdom
on 30/03/2018
"Beautiful figuring in the Trembesi wood, faultless gloss finish. Set up almost perfectly for me straight out of the box. Sounds excellent, as expected, as I already have a Venus and Jupiter. The Neptune fits neatly in the middle."
United Kingdom
on 10/09/2018
"Absolutely brilliant... thoughly pleased... thank you, beautifully made with beautiful materials with lots of attention to detail and quality workmanship..."
United Kingdom
on 17/06/2018
"Awesome! A great Deep Sound.......
Plus I now Can play like Hendrix!"
United Kingdom
on 24/05/2018
"The guitar looks amazing. It sounds amazing and has a nice low action. The neck is very good. I have no complaints whatsoever. Great value for money. "
on 06/03/2018
"Delighted with the new Neptune Blood Moon. Has set off to buy a Martin and was willing to pay more up to £2,000. but the warm sound and the look of this guitar beat any martin until I was paying more than £2,000."
United Kingdom
on 28/02/2018
"Absolutely love it! I am enjoying the Neptune cutaway shape and the blood moon trembesi wood is stunning. I couldn't be happier with the tone and perfect setup of the guitar right out of the case. "
United States of America
on 02/03/2018
"Looks fab, and plays beautifully."
United Kingdom
on 14/02/2018
"It's great, I have short fingers so the neck is perfect. I've tried other's"
United States of America
on 02/01/2018
"It's fabulous. Incredible build quality; unique tone; stunning looks. The case is slightly mis-shapen which is a real shame, but I couldn't be happier with the guitar itself."
United Kingdom
on 13/01/2018
"This is my second Faith guitar. The guitar is gorgeous and well made. Volume and sustain are quite good, and I expect it to open up more fully in time. It will soon receive a solid review on www.fatherirenaeuswilliams.com!"
United States
on 22/01/2018
"Stunning look and excellent playability. An affordable guitar with great specs."
United Kingdom
on 06/01/2018
"Good Guitar"
on 06/01/2018
"Beautiful woods,lovely tones and intonation ...it really sparkles on the high end,balanced with warm bass tones.
The craftsmanship is also second to none
It's a really great instrument,a pleasure to look at and to play.....highly recommended !
Thanks Faith! "
United Kingdom
on 14/12/2017
"I'm really impressed with the quality, value for money, including the case, but mostly the rich deep sound that resonates longer than any other guitar I've tried, ( love it )"
United Kingdom
on 11/12/2017
"Amazing finish and a really exceptional tone. Great for strumming and fingerpicking. Probably the best guitar in the collection now. Very well made."
United Kingdom
on 16/10/2017
"I like the guitar but for some paper work missing and the strap and battery cover fell apart which I had to fix myself with a bigger screw I am happy "
United Kingdom
on 04/10/2017
"Second Faith purchase to complement my mercury natural. Sat with Richard at Richards guitars and this was my eventual selection from 8. The Faith Neptune has a perfect rounded sound and for me is a really good fit even better than the Venus blood moon which was my second choice. Upper fret chords are so easy. The warm rounded tone from the solid trembesi makes the guitar sing and the lingering intonation and resonance is wonderful. Aesthetically it is such a beautiful instrument to behold. I cannot fault it. This is truly a stunning guitar in every way. Fantastic value for money with solid tone woods."
United Kingdom
on 31/08/2017