FDNMG - Nomad Mini-Neptune Electro SRP: £619.00

FDNMG - Nomad Mini-Neptune Electro
FDNMG - Nomad Mini-Neptune Electro FDNMG - Nomad Mini-Neptune Electro FDNMG - Nomad Mini-Neptune Electro
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Model Overview

Small-scale powerhouses with a scale length of 590mm, Faith Nomad models are designed for those players who want and need to travel frequently with their guitar, but dont want to compromise on sound quality.

Faith Nomad guitars still use solid tonewoods for the top, back and sides of each instrument. ensuring the tonal richness for which Faith are known. And to finish the whole thing off, each Nomad guitar comes complete in a specially made gigbag.

Faith Nomad guitars are equipped with a Fishman Sonicore Pickup and Isys T preamp. 

Fishman Pre-Amp / Pickup

This Faith Guitar is fitted with a Fishman Isys-T preamp (named Presys-T from 2019), and sonicore pickup. The output jack is combined with the strap button with a battery box fitted to the base of the guitar. The preamp features a Tuner, a contour button - choosing a flat EQ or a scooped EQ , and a phase button.


Scale Length 590mm
Top Wood Solid Mahogany (Satin)
Back Wood Solid Mahogany (Satin)
Side Wood Solid Mahogany (Satin)
Binding N/A
Bracing Material Hand-Scalloped Quarter-Sawn Spruce
Bracing Pattern X-Brace Design
Rosette 2mm Abalone & Fibre Border
Neck Mahogany
Neck Finish Satin
Neck Joint Set Neck
Fingerboard Indonesian Ebony (2017 models onwards)
Fingerboard Radius 16"
Fingerboard Inlays 'F' at 12th Fret
Machine Head Precision Chrome
Trussrod 2 Way
Nut / Saddle NuBone
Nut Width Nut 43mm / String Spacing 55mm
Bridge Macassan Figured Ebony
Bridge Pins Indian Ebony with Abalone Dots
Preamp / Pickup Fishman Sonicore Pickup and Isys T preamp


Upper bout255mm
Lower bout346mm
Depth at neck82mm
Depth at base92mm
Body Length439mm
Soundhole Diameter85mm
Scale Length590mm
Fingerboard Radius16 inch
Total Length (Top to Bottom)905mm

Spares & Accessories

Are you looking for spare parts or accessories for your Faith Guitar? CLICK HERE (opens in a new window) for our range of spares and accessories.

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"lovely look and feel, great action and a pleasure to play. The sound rings out like a bigger bodied guitar and It sounds great when played through an amplifier."
United Kingdom
on 12/01/2024
"Great tone for the size"
United Kingdom
on 06/12/2023
"Beautiful honey mahogany wood and great sound for its size. "
United Kingdom
on 28/12/2022
"Absolutely fantastic guitar and I love The Music Traders! Great selection of guitars and friendly staff! Right here in coastal NC!"
United States of America
on 26/09/2022
United Kingdom
on 09/10/2018
"Lovely sound for it's size. The playability is great. Love it."
United Kingdom
on 29/11/2019
"This is an amazing lil guitar. Delivers on all promises. Electronics are excellent. This guitar easily will become one of my favorites. Was recommend to me by Charles at Music Traders in Schallotte NC. Can't thank him enough for his insight and expertise. I would write more but I want to go play my Nomad! Have Faith, Peace Out ! PS the gig bag is awesome !"
United States of America
on 13/04/2022
"very impressed bought for my daughters collage course to further her music experience"
United Kingdom
on 28/12/2021
"I love the bluesy tone of this guitar."
United Kingdom
on 28/11/2021
"Beautiful, good voice"
on 19/11/2021
"Lovely guitar for the price I paid"
United Kingdom
on 16/11/2021
"Excellent instrument, I tried alot in this genre and the Faith beat them all including the Taylor GS mini"
United Kingdom
on 29/10/2021
"It's more impressive than I imagined! We are grateful to have a Faith Dealer in the Carolinas & Music Traders in Shallotte NC was awesome!"
United States of America
on 25/09/2021
"Fantastic - beautifully made and sounds superb when played by the expert in the online video - lovely guitar. Just need to learn how to play it myself now!"
United Kingdom
on 04/08/2021
"Looks beautiful and well made guitar. Sounds really nice for such a small guitar. Onboard preamp & tuner a fantastic added bonus for the price. Very pleased so far!"
United Kingdom
on 18/06/2021
"Beautiful tone and gorgeous to look at.I am not a great guitar player, but my little Faith Nomad gives me so much pleasure and even makes me sound good. Absolute quality."
United Kingdom
on 13/05/2021
"I absolutely love this guitar. It's a dream to play, and the tone is so sweet it's addictive. Quite a big sound for a travel guitar. Beautiful to look at as well, and really well built. Fret ends are a bit sharp, but otherwise the finish is perfect. The gig bag that comes with it is pretty decent too. "
United Kingdom
on 22/04/2021
"The action was a bit high for my liking but was adjusted for me in store. The fret edges were a bit rough but easily remedied at home,. Would have been a10 below if not for those small problems, otherwise extremely happy!! Small guitar but big sound and solid build"
United Kingdom
on 27/04/2021
"Excellent Quality and Good Value For Money.
Good quality fittings and finish.
Good Playability / tone. Totally fit for purpose.
Appreciate the travel bag.
Well Impressed. Competitive price from PMT online. Had a very good instore demo at Andertons Guildford but they would not price match.
Delighted with purchase."
United Kingdom
on 22/04/2021
"Very nice.... the build quality is exceptional and the tone is what I expected from a good quality travel guitar. Still getting used to it but very pleased so far."
United Kingdom
on 25/03/2021
"Beautiful. The sound is crisp, clear and really rings out. Very well crafted and made. It is superb. I love it."
United Kingdom
on 12/03/2021
"Well set up and sounds great"
United Kingdom
on 09/03/2021
"Visually excellent Quality build. Well set up. Comfortable to play. No complaints !"
Joseph Emmet 
United Kingdom
on 17/02/2021
"Really Pleased
Excellent build and fantastic to play.
Awesome when plugged in to my Blackstar acoustic amp."
United Kingdom
on 21/12/2020
"Fantastic, I just want to keep playing it, so comfortable."
United Kingdom
on 12/02/2021
"It is really well made and feels very good quality.

Perfect size for me, the tuning function is great and I cant wait to continue my learning journey on this guitar.

The first guitar I have ever hugged in a guitar shop!!"
United Kingdom
on 03/12/2020
"looks good not played it much yet as its a present for my daughter. "
United Kingdom
on 28/11/2020
"Excellent little guitar. Ideal for travel with a sound and feel that belays its size. A joy to play. "
United Kingdom
on 13/12/2019
"Beautiful little guitar and a joy to play. Excellent build quality, amazed at the sound and tone it produces definitely a keeper."
United Kingdom
on 12/09/2020
"Great sound from a small guitar"
United Kingdom
on 04/09/2020
"I absolutely love it. Exquisite craftmanship and high quality materials at an affordable price. An absolute delight to play."
United Kingdom
on 16/05/2020
"We love playing this guitar in our campervan with a beer and bbq."
United Kingdom
on 16/07/2020
"It plays so well, the best guitar I own, every time I play in public the audience (Open Mic nights) are amazed at the sound and tone. It's simply the best guitar I own period. Two more Faiths sold from the sound and playability of mine."
United Kingdom
on 14/09/2019
"Nicely made guitar, action a little high, time will tell how well the mahogany holds up without bindings. Gig bag functional but low quality."
United Kingdom
on 29/12/2019
"Amazing sound and feel."
United Kingdom
on 27/12/2019
"Best travel/3/4 size guitar i have owned, great sound and fantastic build quality"
United Kingdom
on 05/11/2019
"This is a fantastic travel guitar! The all solid wood construction means it sounds far better than any other guitar in its price range - tried a baby Taylor but it didn't sound anywhere near as good! Very very pleased and I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to acoustic tone!"
United Kingdom
on 03/10/2019
"Great finish solid mahogany gem"
United Kingdom
on 28/08/2019
United Kingdom
on 13/08/2019
"The sound is great, the size is perfect for me. I like it very much. "
on 14/11/2018
"Very Happy. A nice guitar with great electronics."
United Kingdom
on 06/05/2019
"It has such a big, beautiful sound for a travel guitar. I like how easily it plays, it's a really handy guitar to own."
on 08/03/2019
"A great solidly built guitar that I'm sure will still be with me many years from now. It looks and sounds beautiful both with and without amplification. When I bought it the some of the veneer on the headstock had been chipped off due to an accident in store. They gave me a small discount though I'm confident it can be easily repaired. It is more of a rhythm guitar since you can't really reach past the twelfth fret comfortably, but if you want to solo it's better to get an electric guitar anyway. I can't wait to begin travelling with this Mini Nomad, an excellent purchase. "
on 09/03/2019
"I love it, sounds and looks fantastic! "
on 08/02/2019
"Fabulous quality for the price"
United Kingdom
on 08/02/2019
"Love the design, especially the ring arounf the sound hole. Wood feels great and sound is very rich. Playing with a pick may make it sound more jarring"
Yan Le 
on 31/01/2019
"Great. The guitar plays really well and sounds great acoustically and through an amp. Really good size for picking up and playing. Nice colour feature on the top. Great finish and quality."
United Kingdom
on 23/12/2017
"Beautiful on the eyes.
Poetry on the ears.
Comfortable in the hands.
Capable with the songs.
Practical on the road.
Sensible in the opinion of the wife!
United Kingdom
on 21/12/2018
"simple, beautiful, portable, comfortable, I spent a day walking round guitar shops looking for a cutaway folk guitar for open mics but this is the guitar that spoke to me. I went home to think about it but knew she was the one..."
United Kingdom
on 06/11/2018
"I absolutely Love my Little Nomad ... great sound
Well made, great tone."
"She is superb! Just what I need - great tone, great when plugged in, easy to transport and a fantastic balance between picked and strummed volume."
United Kingdom
on 13/07/2018
"I bought this not only based on the reputation of Faith Guitars, as I have 3 Neptunes, but for camping which is partly the reason it was made.
One of my hobbies is re-enacting the American Civil War and the look of this fits well into that early 1860's style (but might have to cover the Fishman control panel with a bandana). It is replacing a full-size Washburn jumbo which is cumbersome and a tad loud. Although yet to open up as it is only day 1 I am very pleased with it. It might take a little while to get used to a smaller instrument. I bought this instead of the the mini Saturn for its warmer tone and so far I am as happy as when I got the other 3 Neptunes. Thank you for another excellent guitar."
United Kingdom
on 02/06/2018
"Perfection "
United Kingdom
on 17/05/2018
United Kingdom
on 17/05/2018
"I am very pleased with it, a lovely sound and good value for money. I am still learning and find it very easy to play."
United Kingdom
on 10/02/2018
"Second Faith purchased they are great value for money"
United Kingdom
on 19/12/2017
"Just what I wanted, size, shape, sound, action out of the box etc all ideal for my purposes as a aging learner struggling with a full size acoustic guitar! Much easier to play and make an acceptable "noise"! "
United Kingdom
on 28/11/2017
"First impressions (guitar bought today).looks good well finished.good tone and balance across strings good intonation along fingerboard.guitar responds well to plectrum and fingerstyle and for a small body guitar has good projection and volume.sounds good amplified also.
United Kingdom
on 26/10/2017
Selected over Martin LX1 and Baby Taylor"
United Kingdom
on 17/09/2017
"Fantastic. "
United Kingdom
on 13/08/2017
"I really like my Mini Neptune. The setup is perfect right from the factory, its action is pretty low and extremely easy to play and the tone shows that it is a solid mahogany guitar. Once I start playing it is hard to put it down. Nice that the Mini Neptune comes with a built-in pickup/preamp, a second strap-button and a gigbag."
on 28/03/2017
"It's a wonderful instrument - I am so pleased with my purchase. I would have scored it a 10 if it was available with a hard case."
United Kingdom
on 04/03/2017
"Brilliant...I love it already after only a couple of days...It may be mini but it's no toy... It's a solidly built beautifully finished instrument and set up ready to play out of the box. Superb!!!"
United Kingdom
on 16/11/2016
"Great sounding and great looking, travel guitar."
United Kingdom
on 24/12/2016
"This is my 3rd faith guitar. I also have a naked Venus and a hi gloss Neptune. I love these guitars. They are so well made and at a good price. I'll have to get this nomad set up which is a little disappointing because the action is pretty high but since it arrived today I haven't put it down."
United Kingdom
on 10/06/2016
"I now own two Faith guitars , they are excellent guitars and great value .
I have played many high end guitars and faith guitars compare very favourably with them and at a very good price"
United Kingdom
on 30/05/2016
"Great tone and comfortable to play, quite amazing for a mini guitar"
United Kingdom
on 29/04/2016
"Nice resonance and sustain."
United Kingdom
on 15/04/2016