FKM - Naked Mercury SRP: £489.00

FKM - Naked Mercury
FKM - Naked Mercury FKM - Naked Mercury

Model Overview

A little beauty, this Mercury is a traditional short-scale parlour model. With the neck joining the body at the 12th fret - rather than the 14th - the strings are held at a slightly lower tension than on regular models. Another implication of the 12th fret join is that the bridge is shifted further from the soundhole. 

These features result in a guitar that is physically easier to play, sounds much bigger than you would imagine and is also simple to handle and transport

The Spruce top and Mahogany body of each of the Faith Naked instruments is 100% solid tonewood – in keeping with all other Faith series. However, the cosmetics and non-essential dressing has been stripped away, leaving the guitars in their natural, Naked state. Satin finished all over, the tonewood is almost entirely unrestricted in its resonant movement, so the tone delivered is far beyond what is normally expected at this price level.

All Naked guitars are now supplied with a padded Faith Gigbag


Top Wood Solid Engelmann Spruce (2 Stage Satin)
Back Wood Solid Indonesian Mahogany (2 Stage Satin)
Side Wood Solid Indonesian Mahogany (2 Stage Satin)
Binding N/A
Bracing Material Hand-Scalloped Quarter-Sawn Spruce
Bracing Pattern Patrick James Eggle X-Brace Design
Rosette 2mm Abalone
Neck Mahogany
Neck Finish Satin
Neck Joint Patrick James Eggle Bolt-On Design
Fingerboard Indonesian Ebony (2017 models onwards - until Dec 2016, Solid Rosewood)
Fingerboard Radius 16"
Fingerboard Inlays Mother of Pearl 'F' at 12th Fret
Machine Head Faith Precision Chrome
Trussrod 2 Way
Nut / Saddle NuBone (LC6116)/(LC9110)
Nut Width Nut 43mm / String Spacing 55mm
Bridge Indonesian Ebony
Bridge Pins Ebony with Ablone Dots
Finish Type 2 Stage Satin all over
Hardcase Gigbag Included


Upper bout240mm
Lower bout340mm
Depth at neck96mm
Depth at base110mm
Body Length500mm
Soundhole Diameter100mm
Scale Length610mm
Fingerboard Radius16 inch


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** Based on 1612 online registrations.
"Excellent build quality and value for money. Love the sound quality and amount of sustain from such a small guitar."
United Kingdom
on 22/04/2020
"I typically play Taylor acoustic 6 string and a Martin 12 string. I was looking for a small travel or parlor guitar to practice on while working security job...the Faith Mercury appeal to me because of size and online recommendations, but I was shocked by the tone and playability...I now spend 95% playing my Faith guitar...they are affordable and fantastic."
United States of America
on 07/10/2018
"it is just sublime by its sound and its quality of manufacture."
France, Metropolitan
on 06/03/2020
"Exellent well constructed instrument , looks good , comfortable to play with no sharp fret edges , great tone !"
United Kingdom
on 15/01/2020
"I bought this guitar after borrowing one from a friend. The guitar is lovely, but the supplied strings are awful. I had to replace the string peg on the bottom E (6th) because when the string tightened the peg kept popping out. I have a video clip if you'd like to see it."
United Kingdom
on 29/11/2019
"I love it"
United States of America
on 25/10/2019
"Excellent Quality and sound"
United Kingdom
on 21/10/2019
"Best acousticc guitar i have owned, great kooks great sond and great playability"
United Kingdom
on 21/10/2019
"Best guitar i have used, perfect sound, and playability, great action"
United Kingdom
on 21/10/2019
"Best guitar i have used, perfect sound, and playability, great action"
United Kingdom
on 21/10/2019
"Love it!"
United Kingdom
on 31/05/2019
"Brilliant guitar love it"
United Kingdom
on 30/05/2019
"It a brilliant guitar very happy with it "
United Kingdom
on 30/05/2019
"Love it, great guitar for the price and has a lovely rounded sound with plenty of bass for the size"
United Kingdom
on 05/05/2019
United Kingdom
on 25/11/2018
"Really pleased with this. Nice and tidy inside, very clean tone, fun to play. Bought as a travel guitar. The deluxe case is worth the extra money, looks solidly built. "
United Kingdom
on 18/01/2019
"The Naked Mercury does exactly what it says on tin. Its a small bodied, all-solid parlour guitar, great for travelling or small gigs. The fact that it is all solid, combined with the outstanding quality from Faith, leads me to believe that Faith makes the best value for money guitars on the market, and in my opinion, the Mercury is one of the best in the range."
United Kingdom
on 27/08/2018
"pretty good so far"
United Kingdom
on 14/07/2018
"Fantastic travel guitar, great sound for such a small body. Easy to play."
United Kingdom
on 27/06/2018
"Trs belle guitare trs bien quilibre: des graves puissants et des aigus brillants. Une projection impressionnante au vu de sa taille. Ravie de mon acquisition."
on 18/04/2018
"It's incredible! I love it. :D Sounds lovely, looks awesome."
United Kingdom
on 13/04/2018
"its a good looking instrument"
United States
on 07/03/2018
"The guitar has pick up fitted 2 small dials on the edge of the sound hole jack point at base/ guitar strap. Is this a standard pre amp fitting?
The guitar is fabulas over the moon with the sound and looks."
United Kingdom
on 16/02/2018
"Brilliant. Such a sweet sounding little guitar, makes me want to pick it up and strum without all the hassle of getting my electric guitars out of cases and amps warmed up. Definitely a keeper around the house."
United Kingdom
on 08/01/2018
"excellent acoustic guitar"
on 15/08/2016
"I was looking for a "sofa" guitar and chose the Mercury over the Mini Neptune and Saturn as I thought the sound quality was better, the electro element not being a priority. I am delighted with the purchase and look forward to many hours of pleasure with it, unfortunately I will have to wait until Christmas!"
United Kingdom
on 02/12/2017
I was looking for a smaller size guitar. Tried other popular makes but the naked mercury parlour just sounded a cut above the rest."
United Kingdom
on 30/09/2017
"Excellent design and quality for the price."
United Kingdom
on 08/09/2017
"Beautiful, perfect."
United States of America
on 09/03/2017
"my new Faith parlour has a Lovely tone, a beautiful slim unusual looking body and a minimalistic look which is gorgeous. its all about the beauty and simplicity of the wood and the lovely tone on this guitar. Very happy"
United Kingdom
on 02/01/2017
"Delighted with it. Crisp, sparkly sound, responsive, everything I would have hoped for. Close miked I reckon it will be a good recording guitar. I already have a Saturn Hi -Gloss 12 string which I have been very pleased with. Jude has a Venus which I may try out when pay day comes lol."
United Kingdom
on 26/9/2016
"Beautiful guitar, very well made and really sings. Delighted with purchase. "
United Kingdom
on 12/06/2016
"I'm very happy of buying my new guitar brand Faith. I have been looking for small body guitar aka parlor. "
Czech Republic
on 06/05/2016
"So far Great. Well made, great sound."
United States
on 03/05/2016
"A beautifully made guitar with fantastic playability and setup. I love the tone of this instrument. You can really hear the wood doing its job. "
United Kingdom
on 25/04/2016
"great sound,very portable light weight and really nice finish. I do think you should do a naked mercury with a preamp option though."
on 14/01/2016
"By far the best parlour I've played at this price range. "
United States of America
on 10/12/2015
"Wanted something different from my normal dreadnought style. Came across the beautiful Faith Naked Mercury Parlour and just had To buy one!! Love the sound and the quality of Faith guitars."
United Kingdom
on 03/10/2015
"Magical maker of heavenly music O:-) Best musical instrument I've ever owned."
United Kingdom
on 16/09/2015
"Fantastic guitar."
United Kingdom
on 27/07/2015
"its got a beautiful tone. just love it!"
on 21/05/2015
"A beautiful natural pure wood sound, feel and looks ..Love the concept of a natural acoustic guitar ., It is a Naked instrument .. Pure and uncluttered with no fancy stuff I don't want ..you can squeeze the notes out of this instrument like juice .. Play soft .. Hard .. In between ..its a joy ..I'm a electric player and used to my simple no nonsense guitars and this fits the bill nicely."
United Kingdom
on March 2015
"Very versatile for a small bodied guitar. The satin finish lets its resonate and gives a big sound when picked or strummed. Really nice, playable neck. It seems well made and finished. Despite the lack of appointments it still has a classy look"
United Kingdom
on 11/03/2015
"Am still trying it out, but definitely sounds very good for the price range :)"
United Kingdom
on 14/11/2014
"very playable with a soft full sound"
United Kingdom
on 13/11/2014
"It needed a little tweak setting it up, and I find the nut spacings a little too close (ie: it can feel cramped), but it is an excellent guitar, plays very well, sound great and is better in many ways than the Taylor GS-Mini I was comparing it with."

United Kingdom
on 08/11/2014
"This is a fantastic guitar for the money. Although it has a very stripped down look, the build quality is great. The tone is just lovely."
United Kingdom
on 27/10/2014
"I really like the look, feel and sound of the guitar but have found one or two small flaws to the finish of the fingerboard. "
United Kingdom
on 22/10/2014
"As a student of fingerstyle blues this guitar is perfect - the mid-tones ring out beautifully. I also like the 'naked' wood finish without any glossy coating. It has the smell and feel of a great instrument."
United Kingdom
on 12/10/2014
"a dream come true !!"
United Kingdom
on 26/09/2014
"Very pleased with the feel of the guitar and the tone. Went to three other stores to look at Parlour guitars - was very lucky to be advised to try this guitar. Far better sound than the Martin and Taylor. "
United Kingdom
on 20/09/2014
"Really, really impressed with this guitar. It's slightly larger than most parlours, which gives it a much 'roomier' sound. The build quality and materials are excellent, the sound is beautiful. Custom Light strings seem to really sing on it!"
United Kingdom
on 03/09/2014
"Bought this guitar 24 hrs ago and I've hardly put it down. It's simplicity belies its grace. Beautifully balanced tone and resonance and surprisingly loud. Simply brilliant"
United Kingdom
on 11/01/2014
"Sweet, resonant and set-up well my yourselves and the shop, a joy to play"
United Kingdom
on 23/12/2013
"Best acoustic guitar i have played :))"
United Kingdom
on 24/10/2013
" A surprisingly loud, bright and dynamic sound for such a small body, very resonant too. "
United Kingdom
on 21/08/2013
United Kingdom
on 11/08/2013
"This guitar is just the finest guitar, superbly constructed and exquisite to play. The richness of its tone and voice is stunning and such a delight even to just look at. Thank you very much for making this graceful guitar. "
United Kingdom
on 15/06/2013
"Excellent build quality, setup and sound."
United Kingdom
on 18/05/2013
"As a Musical Instrument repairer, I was very surprised at the quality of this guitar. The sound and the way it played right out of the box was unbelievable. I have guitars from Martin, Lowden, Guild, Takamine. This Guitar is brilliant."
United Kingdom
on 14/05/2013
"Initially i loved the simplified look of the guitar. Its the sheer play ability and brightness of tone that make this guitar highly enjoyable as well as inspiring. The guitar fits and feels perfect to play. Great quality."
United Kingdom
on 06/02/2013
"I like it"
on 05/02/2013
"Lovely guitar - bright and vibrant with a strong mid range. Build quality is excellent, finger board feels comfortable, set up out the box is perfect. No tuning issues. Perfect!"
United Kingdom
on 19/01/2013
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