Faith Guitars Jupiter - Jumbo Guitars

The Faith Jupiter model is a traditional 17" Jumbo guitar with a wide and deep body. Not for the feint-hearted, the Faith Jupiter will project its beautiful tone far and wide, with an unbeatable bass-response. 

The Jupiter Jumbo body will exhibit different characteristics depending on the guitar series that you choose, as the differing tonewoods will have their own influence: 

  • Natural Series Jupiters (FJ / FJCE) will sound big and woody, and love to bang out big chords whilst staying wonderfully warm. 
  • The HiGloss Jupiters (FJHG / FJCEHG) are a little louder overall as the solid rosewood lends greater bass and treble presence, therefore allowing the option of fingerstyle playing too. 
  • The Eclipse series Jupiter (FECJ) is available only as an electro acoustic model. Its black stain and all-over lacquer add a little more focus and control to the spruce and mahogany construction - which it shares with the Natural series. 

In summary, the Jupiter Jumbo body shape is physically big, and sonically huge. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!