Faith Guitars Find your perfect Guitar Shape

With many body shapes and styles available, there are many options to consider when choosing your new guitar: 

Is it all about pure acoustic tone? Then opt for a larger body model such as the Saturn (Dreadnought), Neptune (Baby-Jumbo) or Jupiter (Jumbo)
Do you want access to the upper frets? Then you should look at electro cutaway models. These have a handy cutout near the top of the neck designed to make those high-end solos a little easier. 
Do you want a 'traditional' fingerstyle tone and feel? Then a Saturn (Dreadnought) or Mars (Drop Shoulder Dreadnought) is probably the way to go. 
Is space at a premium? Or are you of a smaller physical build? Then consider the Mercury (Parlour / Parlor) model. A slightly shorter scale guitar, with a slimmer upper and lower bout, but with enough body dimension to still make itself heard. 
Will you be onstage frequently? Then perhaps the Venus (Concert) will suit. The slightly smaller body of the Venus is the perfect compromise, as its big enough to project acoustically, yet small enough to be comfortable when hung around the neck night after night. Many years as the most popular Faith Guitar body shape bears this out. 

Find your perfect Guitar Body Shape below, but don't forget you can contact us if you would like any further advice.