Faith Guitars Nomad Series Travel Guitars

Small-scale powerhouses with a scale of 590mm, Faith Nomad models are designed for those players who want and need to travel frequently with their guitar, but dont want to compromise on sound quality.

You're off camping for the weekend with some friends? You don't want to take your main guitar? Well the Nomad is for you. 
Or, maybe you're going to a party or a festival, but again don't want to take your much-loved HiGloss guitar in case it's damaged/burned/exchanged for beer. No Problem. Take the Nomad instead. 
Or, perhaps you just want a physically smaller guitar because you find them easier to handle, or like the way they sound. 

Whatever your reasons for choosing a Nomad Travel Guitar, you can be confident that you're actually not compromising on anything, as the Faith Nomad models are still made of all-solid tonewoods - just like their bigger siblings. They're made in just the same way as other Faith Guitars too, so you can sure of a great tone and an instrument that will mature over time, always improving. Plus you get a Faith gigbag as standard.

So just slip the strap over your shoulder and you're away! 



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