Faith Guitars Classic Burst Series Guitars

Using the combination of Red Cedar and Mahogany, Classic Burst models sound as rich and warm as they look.

Using a three-tone burst finish, based on deep browns, reds and amber, this finish is intentionally understated and is a personal favourite of Patrick's.

The tonal character will have emphasis on the lower-midrange with a beautifully warm, vocal nature. The Classic Burst models are bound with Solid Macassan Ebony, and use the same high quality timber for the fingerboards, headplates, heelplates, bridges and bridge pins. Faith Classic Burst guitars are complete with a Faith Hardcase.

All Classic Burst 'E' Guitars are now equipped with Fishman electronics. The FVSB45 and FNCESB45 use the INK3 preamp with EQ and a built-in tuner, and the FMESB45-BNC and FRSB45 keep their classic lines by using the discreet Sonitone preamp system which has soundhole-accessible volume and tone controls - i.e. nothing mounted into the side of the guitar. 

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