FNCEBLM - Blue Moon Neptune Cut/Electro SRP: £1,099.00

FNCEBLM - Blue Moon Neptune Cut/Electro
FNCEBLM - Blue Moon Neptune Cut/Electro FNCEBLM - Blue Moon Neptune Cut/Electro FNCEBLM - Blue Moon Neptune Cut/Electro FNCEBLM - Blue Moon Neptune Cut/Electro
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Model Overview

A truly stunning, exotic beauty with a distinctive voice.

The Neptune Blue Moon is a truly individual instrument. One of the beauties of genuinely solid, natural tonewoods is that each piece of solid timber used will vary in its natural colouration and its particular grain patterns. So your Blue Moon will be as unique as you and your music.

Tonally, Mango has an interesting character. It is not as loud and punchy as rosewood nor as straightforwardly mellow as mahogany, yet it bears its own distinctive warmth. With frequency prominence starting a little below that of mahogany and dropping off a little earlier in the mid-range, the overall tone could be described as dark and moody. Much like maple guitars, the reduced level of resonant overtones makes the Mango-bodied Blue Moon a perfect stage guitar: Eminently controllable, balanced and resistant to feedback.

Mango trees grow freely right across the Indonesian archipelago, so the timbers used on Blue Moon guitars are sourced close to our workshops in Java, Indonesia, and as always, from certified timber merchants.

Finished with flamed Maple binding, Macassan Ebony fittings, Fishman Electronics and complete in a hard case, your Faith Neptune Blue Moon is sure to intrigue and delight you at every turn.

Fishman Pre-Amp / Pickup

This Faith Guitar is fitted with the refined, low-profile Fishman INK3 preamp system with the Sonicore piezo pickup located under the saddle. The preamp features a chromatic tuner, 3 band EQ and volume control. The output jack is located at the base of the guitar as part of the ingenious, easy-access battery compartment.


Top Wood Solid Figured Java Mango
Back Wood Solid Figured Java Mango
Side Wood Solid Figured Java Mango
Binding Flamed Maple
Bracing Material Hand-Scalloped Quarter-Sawn Spruce
Bracing Pattern Patrick James Eggle X-Brace Design
Rosette 5mm Abalone with Fibre Border
Neck Mahogany
Neck Finish Satin
Neck Joint Patrick James Eggle Bolt-On Design
Fingerboard Macassan Figured Ebony
Fingerboard Radius 16"
Fingerboard Inlays Mother of Pearl 'F' at 12th Fret
Machine Head Grover Rotomatic Chrome
Trussrod 2 Way
Nut / Saddle TUSQ (PQ-6116)/(PQ-9110)
Nut Width Nut 43mm / String Spacing 55mm
Bridge Macassan Figured Ebony
Bridge Pins Macassan Figured Ebony with Abalone Dots
Finish Type Gloss Top / Gloss Back and Sides
Preamp / Pickup Fishman INK3 Preamp with undersaddle pickup
Hardcase Included


Upper bout298mm
Lower bout405mm
Depth at neck105mm
Depth at base116mm
Body Length510mm
Soundhole Diameter100mm
Scale Length650mm
Fingerboard Radius16 inch

Spares & Accessories

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"Really love the look and feel of my Faith Blue Moon guitar. Have had issues with a buzz on the G string that Ive taken to a luthier to fix, problem can still be persistent."
United Kingdom
on 02/04/2022
"Beautiful guitar, sounds as good as it looks and came set up perfect."
United Kingdom
on 26/10/2023
"Excellent all round"
United Kingdom
on 01/08/2023
"It is a beautiful, lovely sounding guitar with great mid- and high-tones. I love the (teal/blue) burst and fretwork is wonderfully smooth. The longer I play it the happier I become that I went ahead and purchased it."
United Kingdom
on 14/04/2023
"It looks very nice. Feels good, sounds good"
United Kingdom
on 14/03/2023
"Beautiful, great sounding guitar. I didn't play acoustic guitar for years and this instrument made me start again :-)
I didn't try Fishman electronics yet, but so far very happy. "
United Kingdom
on 24/02/2023
"superb quality all round, the sound is deep and dark, very satisfying to play."
United Kingdom
on 27/09/2022
"Better than I even expected! Takes a few moments hoe to insert and change the battery but once you know it's easy. Love this guitar."
United Kingdom
on 27/07/2022
"I love the design and sound so much! It looks beautiful, and the tone is incredible"
United Kingdom
on 05/09/2022
"Id love to thank you from the depths of my hart for bringing such great instrument into my life!!! Honestly I have never ever played better guitar!!! So deep and moody voice, which makes me feel Im cought by the wood and free to express all my deapest internal feelings out!!! There is only one significant con... in my angle of view... I will have to buy at least one more instrument from your master-manufacture in very near future!!! :D"
Czech Republic
on 30/07/2022
"Its great!! Sounds fantastic. Went to the shop to try some Faith guitars but had to buy online cos Im a lefty. "
United Kingdom
on 14/08/2022
"Stunning guitar"
United Kingdom
on 29/04/2022
"The guitar is absolutely stunning. Going from the naked Venus to this for my gigging feels like a real luxury upgrade. A totally professional guitar expertly finished. Faith really are the best brand I have ever tried and I will 100% be staying with you when next deciding to upgrade again. "
United Kingdom
on 29/04/2022
"Plays very well. Stunning finish"
United Kingdom
on 05/04/2022
"Loving it - build quality, sound, looks, playability"
United Kingdom
on 26/03/2022
"Knew it suited me as soon as I tried it. Incredibly easy to play Also very beautiful."
United Kingdom
on 07/01/2022
"Beautiful construction, sound, feel. My favourite guitar!"
United Kingdom
on 02/12/2021
"LOVELY GUITAR (style AND substance) but would have preferred a blended pickup option (mic + under saddle). Obvious guitar rattle noticed especially when playing 6th string - discovered it originated from BATTERY YELLOW CLIP HOLDER. It doesn't hold battery firmly enough. Rattle eliminated when I put a soft foam strip between yellow clip and side of battery compartment.
I think the guitar sounds better with 11-52 strings (more resonant than the supplied-new-12's). I had previously understood that the vibration/resonance of small body guitar tops was impeded by heavier strings. Overall, great guitar!"
United Kingdom
"Beautiful finish and stunning sound. "
United Kingdom
on 30/10/2021
"Absolutely beautiful. Stunning blue finish. A joy to play. Lovely action and superb mellow tone. both unplugged or through my Fishman Loudbox mini amp."
United Kingdom
on 21/09/2021
"I couldn't be happier "
United Kingdom
on 04/09/2021
"Absolutely stunning. Lovely rich, well balanced tone. Have restrung with a set of Martin Retro Monel 10s purely for easier bending. Exacting craftmanship and gorgeous to look at, it is the nicest acoustic I have ever owned and a pure joy to play. 10/10."
United Kingdom
on 22/06/2021
"Stunning guitar that looks and sounds stunning. I have 3 acoustic guitars and the Blue Moon has quickly become my instrument of choice. Absolutely love playing it."
United Kingdom
on 13/07/2021
"It is wonderful to play. The finish is excellent and colour quite exquisite. Highly recommend this faith guitar to family and friends. Saving now for the rosewood legend range guitar. Thank you Faith. "
United Kingdom
on 14/06/2021
"Sounds unreal
Amazing for live performance
Easy on the hand
Looks amazing as well"
United Kingdom
on 01/02/2021
"It is a beautiful looking but more importantly beautiful sounding guitar. It arrived unset up but Ben at PMT had it collected worked on it and now the action is amazing. "
United Kingdom
on 07/03/2021
"I think it is inspirational to play, to hold and to look at."
United Kingdom
on 28/01/2021
"I first caught sight of the Blue Moon in a Facebook ad. From there I went to the Faith homepage to check out your products. The more I read and saw, the better I liked Faith guitars! My wife secretly ordered the Blue Moon for my most recent birthday, and man was I surprised! This guitar looks and sounds incredible! I am very, very satisfied!"
United States
on 30/11/2020
on 14/11/2020
United Kingdom
on 03/11/2020
"Like her sister the Bloodmoon a very rich and differentiated sonority, not as loud as the Jupiter (I own them all three) but very smart, no dead spots, easy to play (for an old man)."
on 15/10/2020
"Well considering I've only had it a day or so. I cant get over how much easier it is to play compared to my other acoustic guitar. The set up is amazing, it's so easy to change/ slide from cord to cord, I'm barely touching the strings to play its absolutely bonkers how light of touch you need. Really liking the build in tune and cant wait to see what it sounds like plugged in. Love the colour and the case is excellent. "
United Kingdom
on 16/10/2020
"I love the tone, the color and the ease of play. The strings that came on it are really good quality. I really enjoy playing this guitar!"
United States of America
on 07/09/2020
"Only just got it but delighted so far. "
United Kingdom
on 08/09/2020
"Very pleased with it - its got a great look - stands out from the crowd.. I love the blue finish it really is stunning. The guitar has a very warm mellow tone with plenty of sustain & a very playable shape. I think we will be friends for a long time!"
United Kingdom
on 26/08/2020
"Love it!! Beautiful"
United States
on 28/05/2020
"great guitar, love to tone
United States of America
on 26/05/2020
"I loved my first Faith guitar so much, I trusted my memory of enjoying trying out the blue moon 6 months ago....and bought one online as were currently in lockdown. I am thrilled with the beauty of this guitar and the tone. Wow, just wow!"
United Kingdom
on 07/05/2020
"Really love the sound of this guitar.
And the colour & grain is perfect.
United Kingdom
on 24/03/2020
"I think the Faith Blue Moon is a gorgeous looking guitar Beautifully finished and has a lovely ringing tone which will only get even better with age It looks like a much more expensive model! I am delighted with it! "
United Kingdom
on 09/03/2020
"I went to the store to look at a Blood Moon Neptune but the Blue Moon was far more subtle than the online photos suggested and lured me toward it. My first "serious" guitar, it has a great sound and a look that makes me want to pick it up. Each finish is unique with variations in grain and burst colouring ranging from very dark to quite bright blues, some with hints of green when the light is right, so take your time to compare if you can. I have only suffered minor flame-envy once so far. The setup out of the case seems good from my relative-novice perspective and it holds its tuning well. Plugging into a Boss Katana Mark 2 the tone is nice, to my ears at least. The only very minor thing to watch out for are fingerprints on the high-gloss finish! The included case is good and solid. It might be a little Bungle-esque when it comes to the lining but is a secure fit and provides a good level of protection. Overall, a great thing! :)"
United Kingdom
on 04/01/2020
"It is absolutely amazing a lovely warm tone perfectly made and colour tone is beautiful "
United Kingdom
on 10/01/2020
"A Beautiful guitar that has taken my playing to the next level."
United Kingdom
on 10/12/2019
United Kingdom
on 28/11/2019
"Best I've ever had. Sounds awesome. Look forward to many happy years of playing."
United Kingdom
on 05/10/2019