FVBMB - Blood Moon Venus Cut/Electro SRP: £929.00

FVBMB - Blood Moon Venus Cut/Electro
FVBMB - Blood Moon Venus Cut/Electro FVBMB - Blood Moon Venus Cut/Electro

Model Overview


The Venus Blood Moon is a beautiful instrument which uses only the finest, highly figured Javanese Trembesi for the top, back and sides. This indigenous Indonesian timber has long been used by furniture makers for its stunning appearance, but we have been convinced of its tonal properties for a good while too.

Not unlike Hawaiian Koa, a solid Trembesi instrument reacts in a similar way to Mahogany, delivering warmth and balance across the strings, while still having a little rosewood-eque sparkle at the top end.

The exclusive 'Blood Moon' burst finish and solid flamed maple binding serves to enhance its stunning appearance further.

This model will be available only when sufficiently high-grade Trembesi is available to our workshops.


Top Wood Solid 'AAA' Grade Indonesian Trembesi
Back Wood Solid 'AAA' Grade Indonesian Trembesi
Side Wood Solid 'AAA' Grade Indonesian Trembesi
Binding Flamed Maple
Bracing Material Quarter-Sawn Spruce
Bracing Pattern Patrick James Eggle X-Brace Design
Rosette 5mm Abalone with Fibre Border
Neck Mahogany
Neck Finish Satin
Neck Joint Patrick James Eggle Bolt-On Design
Fingerboard Macassan Figured Ebony
Fingerboard Radius 16"
Fingerboard Inlays Mother of Pearl 'F' at 12th Fret
Machine Head Grover Rotomatic Gold
Trussrod 2 Way
Nut / Saddle TUSQ (PQ-6116)/(PQ-9110)
Nut Width Nut 43mm / String Spacing 55mm
Bridge Macassan Figured Ebony
Bridge Pins Macassan Figured Ebony with Abalone Dots
Finish Type Gloss Top / Gloss Back and Sides
Preamp / Pickup Shadow Performer Tuner Preamp / Shadow Nanoflex Pickup
Hardcase Included


Upper bout290mm
Lower bout385mm
Depth at neck100mm
Depth at base115mm
Body Length490mm
Soundhole Diameter100mm
Scale Length645mm
Fingerboard Radius16 inch


Looks fantastic"
United Kingdom
on 05/07/2017
"Awesome guitar, iv been a fan for a long time and now I have one, sounds great, looks amazing, plays like a dream, very very pleased. "
Paul Temperley
United Kingdom
on 02/09/2017
"Now that I have set it up correctly. It's wonderful . beautiful to look at and hear , incredible tone ."
Carl Dale
United Kingdom
on 19/08/2017
"Awesome.... top upgrade, really nice to play and sounds brilliant."
Alan Smith
United Kingdom
on 16/06/2017
"Fell in love with its beauty.
Captivated by its sound.
Perfect match!"
Gordon Lang
United Kingdom
on 10/08/2017
Peter Hogan
United Kingdom
on 03/08/2017
"Out of my two faith guitars (both are amazing), this has to be my favourite. It is a perfect size for me, the sound is incredible, with and without the shadow pickup. It's very comfortable to play, and not to mention, it is one of the most beautiful guitars I have ever seen or played. The Solid AAA trembasi not only creates an amazing sound, but it looks stunning especially against the abalone ring. It caught my eye right from the moment I saw it and caught my heart right from the moment I played it. The other guitar I have is the Saturn Higloss cutaway, and I 100% recommend either guitar, but this one has something special about it! Such an amazing brand! If you don't own a faith guitar, you should really buy one. They're amazing!"
Enya Reilly
on 05/08/2017
"Beautiful finish, very comfortable to play, the mellower tone of the Trembesi top makes a fine contrast to my 4 year old Mercury Hi-Gloss."
Geoffrey Thorpe
United Kingdom
on 26/06/2017
Remko Smaak
on 19/06/2017
"This is a lovely guitar. Beautiful to look at and just great to play. It's easy action is perfect for me as a newish player. I cannot recommend Faith guitars highly enough."
Susan  Kearnon
United Kingdom
on 31/03/2017
"Sounds wonderful, the finish is beautiful. Very easy to fret!"
Carl Souders
United Kingdom
on 05-02-2017
"Now the proud owner of 2 Faith guitars I can truly say I will find it rather hard which one to play. I love the feel and playability of my new Venus Blood Moon, action is perfect, style is second to none and value for money is awesome. The case is great quality and the sound hole humidifier is a great addition. Very happy man."
Paul Longden
United Kingdom
on 29/04/2017
"Looks and sound beautiful. Couldn't be happier."
John McLean
United Kingdom
on 13/04/2017
"Stunning sound and looks "
Paul Scattergood
United Kingdom
on 08/04/2017
"Amazing, I love it"
United Kingdom
on 21/03/2017
"Its beautiful craftsmanship. To play the her is like finding a long lost love, you never want to let her go again.
Nick ODonoghue
on 21/03/2017
"Amazing value and looks fantastic "
Jay Tait
United Kingdom
on 17/03/2017
"Beautiful finish, great tone, fantastic value for money. Love the case too"
Paul Edwards
United Kingdom
on 15/03/2017
"The top seems to take a little playing to warm up and become fully responsive, particularly on the bass end; when it does though, the tone is great.

It's also very comfortable to play, well finished and has sustain by the bucketload. I was drawn to it because it's both a well-balanced strummer and a resonant fingerpicker. For the price in particular, this guitar is silly good.

(If it's any indication, I grabbed it to do this review and lost half an hour along the way)"
Tim Old
United Kingdom
on 01/10/2016
"Bought on the strength of already owning a FVHG which I absolutely adore. The best guitar I've owned so far"
Bob  Mizen
United Kingdom
on 04/03/2017
Great look, great action, lovely tone. Light and very fit for purpose."
Brenda Varpenter
United Kingdom
on 20/02/2017
"Really pleased with this guitar. The shape fits perfectly for my small stature and plays beautifully. Really like the feel, sound and look of it. Everything looks high quality, great value."
Frankie Inguanez
on 04/10/2016
"Beautiful in both sound and aesthetic. Extremely playable for both chords and fingerstyle playing. "
Phoebe Ashmore
United Kingdom
on 25/02/2017
Kathleen W. Herring
United States of America
on 21/02/2017
"nice looking. nice tactile smooth neck. sweet sound. good all-rounder for my purposes at the moment; and of course, a British company! great value solid wood instrument."
stuart kester
United Kingdom
on 08/02/2017
"Beautiful guitar and sounds great!"
Melanie Kent
United Kingdom
on 4/2/2017
"When I received the guitar the action was set so low so as to be almost unplayable. Not a huge issue but did require a 50 mile drive to the nearest dealer to have a set-up done plus the cost of the adjustments done."
Hugh Hinde
United States of America
on 28/01/2017
"First time I have purchased a Faith guitar. Feels good, plays well, beautiful finished guitar, better than some more expensive better known brands. Comes with a good quality well fitted hard carry case complete with a dehumidifier enclosed. Only issues I have found with this is the battery compartment cover is very tight and difficult to open and trying to fit a guitar strap over guitar lead input strap button is a time consuming exercise. Could do with a better designed strap lead input button.
Before choosing this guitar I tried some more expensive brands but kept going back to the Faith guitar. the onboard pickup electrics and tuner are excellent. Seems good value for money, I was prepared to spend quite a bit more on a guitar but obviously time will tell. Some may be put off owing to the Indonesian manufacture. Early thoughts, other than the two issues I raised, I personally find it a very comfortable, great sounding well set up guitar that has many great points and I look forward to many hours of playing this guitar. I would give this guitar an 8 out of 10, it would have been 10 if not for the couple of issues mentioned."
alan robertson
United Kingdom
on 28/01/2017
"good tonal range, looks good, good for fingerstyle and plectrum playing - versatile"
Paul Riley
United Kingdom
on 20/01/2017
"I've worked my way through many guitars - Martin, Collings, Gibson, Bourgeois, Taylor and Lowden - and at a considerably lower price, my Venus Blood Moon is right up there in terms of sound, build, fit and finish with the best of them. "
Pete Waugh
United Kingdom
on 16/12/2016
"A beautifully made guitar that sounds as sweet as it looks. The flamed maple binding offsets the sunburst finished Trembesi wood just perfectly. Unplugged, the guitar sounds bright and clear - plugged in, the sound is nicely balanced and easily contoured with the tone controls on the preamp. Altogether, an excellent value!"
Edward Kopek
United States of America
on 11/01/2017
"Love the deep bass and smooth sound, it's also one of the most beautiful guitars I've seen let alone owned"
Jonathan  Taggart
United Kingdom
on 19/10/2016
"This guitar is stunning to look at! But also has stunning tone as well."
Stephen Wilkinson
United Kingdom
on 13/12/2016
"lovely looking guitar"
United Kingdom
on 23/11/2016
"The guitar looks and sound beautiful.
Looks like a very well built guitar and for the money its fantastic"
wayne livermore
United Kingdom
on 23/11/2016
"Beautiful tone, nice 'feel' and good looks, intonation perfect 'out of the box' and although reasonable action will optimise set up, particularly like the frets, unlike many others in this range this has many benefits over its contemporaries. in string option terms and string life, particularly on 'G' which usually goes first and prompts otherwise early re string."
Martin Iredale
United Kingdom
on 28/10/2016
United Kingdom
on 12/06/2016
"In the 46 years I have been playing and purchasing guitars, I think I have only bought one guitar that comes close to the Venus Blood Moon in cosmetic appearence, and that was a Gibson SG 200 koa linited editionm, costing four times more than the Faith. The cosmetic beauty of the Venus Blood Moon is superb. If the build quality does not demnish and the already acceptable tone improves with age, I will bea very happy customer."
Alexander Condliff
United Kingdom
on 16 October 2016
"Lovely looking guitar that sounds just right!"
Roy Holliday
United Kingdom
on 15/04/16
"Just bought this from A Strings, Pontypridd. It plays beautifully and looks outstanding.. Truly delighted"
Warwick Leek
United Kingdom
on 17/09/2016
"Just one word to say about the guitar AWESOME "
Simon Gibson
United Kingdom
on 19/08/2016
"Delighted does not begin to describe how I feel.
It looks awesome ( not a word I usually use )
Build quality is first class and the sound is superb.
Excellent service, as always from James' Music.
I can't put it down."
mike lansdell
United Kingdom
on 18/08/2016
"The guitar is beautiful both in sound and appearance. It will give me many years of pleasure and hopefully will spur me on to improve my skills so that i can play it in the manner it deserves to be played! "
Cameron Thompson
United Kingdom
on 26/07/2016
Chris Taylor
United Kingdom
on 29/03/2016
"Absolutely stunning guitar with a wonderful tone. Easy to play for a beginner only used to a 3/4 size guitar."
D. Bool
United Kingdom
on 05/08/2016
"Great instrument thank you."
Andrew Chirgwin
United Kingdom
on 28/05/2016
"Looks absolutely stunning, great sound. Absolutely delighted with this instrument. Now practice every day and haven't played my Fender Tele for weeks."
Peter Robinson
United Kingdom
on 10/05/2016
"Beautiful build quality. Especially good for finger picking styles."
Barrie  Puttock
United Kingdom
on 22/06/2016
"Outstanding built quality and bright vintage tones. Superb pre amp. "
Paul Charles
United Kingdom
on 21/06/2016
"Absolutely blown away with finish and quality of this instrument.... particularly it's price !. The sound from this new guitar is superb so I can only imagine what it will sound like when it opens up. In my opinion, to get a similar instrument with for example 'Taylor' on the headstock, you would have to spend well over 1500"
Andrew Harding
United Kingdom
on 20/06/2016
"Sounds fantastic. Looks stunning.
Amazing attention to detail on every aspect of this beautiful guitar. Nothing else compares at the price.
Have Faith.... I did."
Greg Harper
United Kingdom
on 06/06/2016
"Fantastic sound both acoustically and plugged in. Beautiful finish and build quality. The only problem I had was a slightly faulty jack input upon arrival - but that was most likely caused by bad handling. Got it fixed and it worked just fine!"
Antony Titley
United Kingdom
on 02/06/2016
"Just got my faith venus blood moon , sounds amazing looks absolutely stunning too , very pleased indeed, would definitely recommend this guitar. Many thanks :-)"
Leighton Broome
United Kingdom
on 26/05/2016
"This is the Blood Moon which I've been wanting since they first came out. In the couple of weeks I've owned it the sound has already improved and it is now my favourite guitar. It's so beautiful that it's allowed to reside in the front room rather than in a rack upstairs. "
Roland Nissan
United Kingdom
on 14/05/2016
"Beautiful looking great sounding guitar. Love the blood moon. Would seriously recommend a Faith to anyone."
Phillip Spicer
United Kingdom
on 05/05/2016
"Looks and plays fantastic, this is a very high quality instrument."
john Mutter
United Kingdom
on 24/04/2016
"Absolutely beautiful sound, so warm, yet bright! I played a gig last night with and it sounded amazing. It's tonally, aesthetically and feels gorgeous! I'm ever so slightly in love..."
Noa Clarke
United Kingdom
on 19/04/2016
"Wow, Looking forward to spending lots of time with this beautiful instrument! "
Antony Mulcahy
United Kingdom
on 23/04/2016
"Having read the review of the Venus Blood Moon model in the March 2016 edition of Acoustic magazine I was fortunate to try a choice of 3 stock models at Millers Music - just stunning tonewood !! Great sound out of the case which will improve with age"
Stephen Lee
United Kingdom
on 28/03/2016
"This is my 3rd Faith Guitar, I don't intend for it to be my last.........."
George Porteous
United Kingdom
on 06.04.2016
"Beautiful instrument. Sounds incredible and very comfortable to play. Delighted doesn't come close."
Jonathan Truslove
United Kingdom
on 01/04/2016
"Beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I love the way the light catches the grain at different points, it almost shimmers. Such a joy to look at and to play. My wife and I looked at all of the rest of the guitars in the shop, including some which cost more than 3 times as much, and none of them came anywhere close to looking as gorgeous as this."
Matthew Taylor
United Kingdom
on 05/03/2016
Aidrian Tompson
United Kingdom
on 01/02/2016
"Stunning work of art plays like a dream dare anyone to try one and see"
Alan Manning
United Kingdom
on 25/12/2015
"Excellent - so far!"
Chris Walls
United Kingdom
on 27/12/2015


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