Faith Guitars Bags & Cases

It's only right that you want to protect what you love, so making sure your guitar has the appropriate travel cover, gigbag or hard case is essential. 

Although many Faith Guitars come with hardcases or gigbags, some players like to have backups, and sometimes things wear out and need replacing. 

You may also find that the hardcase is too heavy for some applications, so may want to get a gigbag for short, local journeys.... or conversely you may have a gigbag for your Naked model but be about to take it on an aeroplane, so need the protection of a hardcase. 

Faith Gigbags and hardcases are specially designed for Faith Guitar body shapes, but they will fit most other brands too, as guitars tend to be broadly similar in most instances. Naturally, if your guitar isn't a Faith it's best to check instore for a perfect fit. 


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