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Acoustic Guitars are great. You can pick one up and just play. No need for electricity or batteries or amplifiers. Just you and your guitar.

You can understand why they have a special place in the cultural history of the world too. An instrument relevant in every conceivable musical genre, the Acoustic Guitar can lay claim to a spot as one of most important musical tools of the last 100 years!

So, below you will see the range of Faith Acoustic guitars. As the categorisation suggests, these are guitars without electronics. Instruments that rely solely on the all-solid wooden box to produce both a wide range of tones and varying levels of sound projection, or volume.

Faith Acoustics are made in our Indonesian workshops, with whom we have worked for decades, and they're made of only solid tonewood. This is a difference that we tend to mention over and over, but for good reason.

The most important part of an acoustic guitar is the top. This is the part that shapes the instrument's primary voice and also determines projection and therefore volume. So having a top (or soundtable) made from good stuff is incredibly important. Naturally, Faith Guitars have all-solid tonewood tops, which means that the top of your acoustic will be made of 100% solid Spruce, Cedar, Mahogany or Trembesi. (That's to say, not made of plywood with a pretty veneer on top).

Although the top is arguably the most important part of an Acoustic Guitar, the back and sides play an essential role too, and add the extra layer of character that sets one apart from the next. Once again, Faith Guitars have this covered, as we also use all-solid timbers on the back and sides of our guitars. The logic above also applies when understanding the benefits of solid tonewood back and sides: a single piece of solid wood can move as one unit, whereas laminates with veneers on top will not.

But where things get really interesting is the difference that the choice of tonewood on the back and sides makes to the overall sonic character of each guitar. Rosewood will deliver brilliant highs and rich bass; Mahogany will be stronger on the mid-ranges; and Trembesi sits nicely in the middle of the two.

So, check out the options below, read what other owners have said about their Faith guitars, then go and try some out in your local store.
I think we can all agree that very few days are as fun as a 'new guitar day’!

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