Ethics & Sustainability

Faith Guitars recognise the importance of an ethical and sustainable manufacturing process, and we are conscious that this concerns many of our current and future players.

Faith Guitars - Our Workshops

Firstly, there is no difference in the ethics or sustainability of any particular model. All models of all price levels are made with the same ethical values. All that differs is the particular specification of each model.

Faith Guitars are made in West Java, Indonesia using many hand-building and hand-finishing techniques that deliver the quality you have come to expect.
All workshops are climate controlled to the appropriate level depending upon the particular process taking place in that location.
Staff are looked after well, with training and high retention levels. Indonesian legislation ensures that any weekend or overtime work is paid at a higher rate, with regular hours being 8am till 5pm, 5 days per week.

The Faith Guitars team are in constant contact with our workshops and make frequent visits, plus invite our international distributors to visit with us to see production in process, and to inspect for themselves.  We are confident that the conditions and ethics of these locations meet the high standards we expect.

You read more about our workshops here.

Faith Guitars - The Tonewoods

The Spruce is Engelmann or Sitka Spruce from North America or Canada and bought through large US or Canadian tonewood merchants. All Spruce / Cedar tops will be from FSC Certified sources.

The Mahogany timber is now sourced through an Indonesian merchant company who has FSC certification. *(FSC No: C104083)

The African Khaya Mahogany is sourced from European tonewood merchants who offer tonewood with FSC Certification. Khaya Mahogany's country of origin is usually Cameroon. 

Maple for the Maple binding is sourced in pre-cut lengths from China or Korea. This Maple would usually have originated in China. 

The Rosewood, Trembesi (Monkeypod) and Ebony is all from Java or Makassar, and has been sourced through local, government approved timber merchants using the government approved timber certification process.
This also reduces the miles travelled by the tonewoods before manufacture.

The timber is certified as legally obtained and government approved, and is supplied to the workshops, fully itemised and in plank form – before being cut and spliced in house once it has fully dried and matured.

Like 99% of traditional guitar builders, we use traditional Hide Glue (made of animal hide) for fixing the end of the fingerboard to the body. The hide glue is used as it makes it possible to remove the glue with heat if the neck were ever to need removing.
So we cannot claim to be Vegan friendly. This glue is purchased from US guitar luthier merchants.

Feel free to ask any more specific questions directly via the contact form.